Thursday, October 29, 2015

Expanded Timeline for After Chaos (AC) Part 27

Year 27 AC
A warlord named Blackcrow takes over a large area of north eastern Taina and claims it for his own.  He makes those who will not bow to him slaves and those who bow to him pay outrageous taxes for their lives.  There is an underground movement trying to take him down, but they are under funded and have little coordination.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Expanded Timeline for After Chaos (AC) Part 26

Year 26 AC
There is a major mine collapse on the Dwarven Islands.  Hundreds are lost.  The call for mages to help move the rock and debris quickly without harming any possible survivors is sent out.  There is call for the mine inspector's head and he goes into hiding.

Dragons are seen in the Tsalagi Mountains and the locals hope their sightings will bring good luck.  There are Clerics of Catiana who make pilgrimages to the mountains in hope of seeing her children in the skies.  Caravans ask for protection and bandits abound.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Expanded Timeline for After Chaos (AC) Part 25

Year 25 AC
A bard is wandering the countryside spreading tales of a fabulous treasure hidden deep in the Tsalagi Mountains by greedy dwarves.  He will sell the map to this place and explains there are magical traps, pit falls and monsters baring the way.  He believes there are magic items and gold hidden deep in the mountain by the dwarves and is willing to sell the map because he knows he can't do the dungeon delving on his own.  In the mean time he wanders from town to town singing and wooing women.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Expanded Timeline for After Chaos (AC) Part 24

Year 24 AC
A grand meeting occurs this year on the east side of the Tsalagi Mountains near the middle of Taina.  Merchants come to sell their goods from every corner of Taina and even from parts of Ariella.  Powerful marriages are arranged, treaties are made and lines of ownership are drawn.  The meeting lasts for an entire month and many people come and go during that time. A meeting of such grand scale is purposed for every ten years in the future.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Expanded Timeline for After Chaos (AC) Part 23

Year 23 AC
A man named Thurman Farmerson, claims to see Aiyana herself in his field as he struggles with a way to ask his sweet heart to marry him.  She supposedly blesses him and he leaves his field to ask his sweetheart to be his.  Hundreds come to his field, hoping to be blessed, but along with the pilgrims there are con artists and bandits.  Thievery and murders abound and the local sheriff is looking for strong arms to help him solve the bandit issue.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Expanded Timeline for After Chaos (AC) Part 22

Year 22 AC
Stephan Thunderhead has become the ruler of Karoon and the surrounding areas.  His father's loyal men have now become his and the region is now settled down into a somewhat stable situation.  There are bandits attacking caravans from the Vale Lake, the port to the east and the from Goodport.  Stephan wants to secure his trade and calls on mercenaries to secure the routes by taking out the bandit groups.  He offers good rewards for such endeavors.

Fire sweeps across the plains in central Taina.  Though not highly populated, whole herds of animals are wiped out and many wandering tribes of people are displaced.  The ogres left in the area take advantage and are trying to enslave the displaced people.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Expanded Timeline for After Chaos (AC) Part 21

Year 21 AC
The cliffs near the Vale Lake in eastern Taina gain residents.  Though they are refuges from the plains, driven out by competition, they are fierce and want to finally find a place to live.  They begin to haul soil up to the terraced hills and build defensible homes to keep out invaders. They are looking for mages and men at arms to protect them while they build and our paying as best they can.  The shaman of the group of refuges has maps to nearby ancient cities and is willing to part with them if anyone can stay for a bit and protect them from other humans and humanoids alike.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Expanded Timeline for After Chaos (AC) Part 20

Year 20 AC
Lumbermen near the northeast side of the Tsalagi Mountains are reporting strange creatures prowling in the woods and picking off lumber men.  The logging boss is looking for someone to look into the matter.  He is paying well and says that any treasure will be theirs.  He thinks it may just be fairies playing tricks on them, but some think it might be werewolves.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Expanded Timeline for After Chaos (AC) Part 19

Year 19 AC
The siege at Karoon ends, with Stephan taking the city.  He frees his father, who is in very bad condition, and kills the city's council before telling those of the city they can live under his rule or leave.  Most stay, but some leave and head east to the coast to set up a fishing and farming village.  The village needs guards, caravans, and businesses and are willing to hire those they can get.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Expanded Timeline for After Chaos (AC) Part 18

Year 18 AC
The ruins near the future Brightwater are excavated and the monks discover a language no living person seems to know.  There are artifacts of simple use, such as magical stones that glow and water that flows through a fountain that had been buried for centuries.  The monks are looking for protection, some one to decipher the writing, and any other local knowledge such as legends or myths that might help them figure out what civilization use to be there.

The siege at Karoon continues.  The city suffers, many leaving voluntarily and Stephan lets them leave.  Some of the men of Stephan's army complain that they have been pulled from farm and family and are getting no where and not getting to sack Karoon.  There is dissension in the ranks and his trusted advisors worry for Stephan's life.  The city council still will not give over Stephan's father.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Expanded Timeline for After Chaos (AC) Part 17

Year 17 AC
Ruins are unearthed by a winter storm near the coast where Brightwater will someday be.  The monks from Ariella rush to the site in hopes of uncovering some ancient civilization.  They are looking for labor, protection for the site and protection for the wagon train to east to the ports that will lead home.  They are also looking for ships and crews to take the artifacts home to their monastery.

A sixteen year old Stephan Thunderhead appears outside the gates of Karoon with an army and demands the release of his father and the return of the city which should be his. He besieges the city as people join his cause.  Both sides are looking for help, though the city is finding it harder to find help then Stephan.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Expanded Timeline for After Chaos (AC) Part 16

Year 16 AC
A large storm off the west coast causes several cargo ships and their escorts to crash into the cliffs near what will one day be Greenthorne.  The company is hoping for some salvage from the ships since they were carrying gold items and other expensive items.  They are looking for a group willing to do so and return to the merchant headquarters with what they have recovered.

There are rumors Sarah Thunderhead and her son, rumored to be named Stephen, are plotting to get Carter out of custody.  It is also rumored that Carter is even more mentally unstable.  Neither rumor can be proved one way or another.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Expanded Timeline for After Chaos (AC) Part 15

Year 15 AC
There are rumors of sighting of the Lord of Magic near the southern most tip of Taina near the growing city of Watercress.  Mages and Clerics of Targon flock to the site in hopes of seeing the Lord of Magic or talk to someone who has seen him.  Charlatans abound and supposed artifacts of Targon are for sale.  The clerics want to know why he appeared, fearing they have done something wrong since he didn't show himself to the clerics there.  Answers are needed and many temples are willing to pay well for them.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Expanded Timeline for After Chaos (AC) Part 14

Year 14 AC
Ogres attack farm villages near the east side of the Tsalagi Mountains.  Most are human villages, but a few are also elven villages.  They kill those of the villages, except for the ones they take off as slaves, steal anything they can and then torch the villages.  The humans of the area are trying to find mercenaries to take out the ogres and protect the villages.  Elves have started their own hunting parties, but would take any help they can get, as well.