Thursday, September 30, 2010

Magic Items: Light Stones

Light Stones were originally designed by the mages of Jenish. Though the ability to create light by means of magic has been around since the end of chaos, no one knew how to create something which would retain illumination.

Mariko worked hard on designing something which would continue to glow long after a mage stopped concentrating upon the light for he loved to read at night once his wife went to bed. It was mostly by accident. He was carving the rune for light next to the rune for eternal when his pet pixie dragon bumped him. The two runes connected, but he was loathe to give up all the work he'd done. He cast a spell of illumination and the magic remained for some time.

The name is a bit of a misnomer since lamps, candles, anything, can be a "light stone". A light stone has to be renewed once a month and can be turned off or on by a magic word or phrase. Originally there was no way to do this, but this was refined over time.

In game terms the light given off by a "light stone" is simply a mage's light spell on an object. Anyone can use this item and they are so common even most poor people in the city have one. The phrase is usually light or some sort of variation in the language of magic. Mage apprentices usually create the cheapest versions as part of their apprenticeships.
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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Minotuar Wars

Around 3220 PA (Post Avatar) the minotaurs near the coast and the Dwarven Islands decided the only way to get ahead in the mining and blacksmithing so the world would need them was to eradicate the dwarves all together. Not all minotaurs felt this way (and by the time of the High King's Sword all minotaurs who remained thought this small group of minotaurs were just plan crazy and idiots) and thus only a small fraction actually tried to assault the Dwarven homeland.

Minotaurs were never and still aren't very good sailors, so the assaulting army lost quite a few members simply to the sea. Once there they tried to lay siege to the great fortress capital of the the dwarves. Though they weren't in great harm, the dwarves sent out pleas for help to the human mainland to stop the Minotaur "invasion".

Many human mercenaries (including Derk Tumblestone, owner of the Traveling Tramp) came to the dwarves aid and drove the Minotaurs into the sea. The process was long, taking nearly five years because the Minotaurs that did make it to the islands were good fighters and survivalists. During that period of time good smelted steel was very expensive, as was any dwarven goods.

For roleplaying purposes, if your party is comprised of mercenaries, perhaps they show up to help the dwarves. If they include a dwarf, maybe he wants to go home and help his people. If they are minotaurs, maybe they are one of those who are in the assaulting party or a minotaur who actually tried to stop their people from attacking the dwarves who had never really been their enemies. Also realize that high quality metal items and dwarven items will be twice as expensive as those in your price tables.
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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Bazaar of Bloodhelm

The Bazaar of Bloodhelm is always a busy place with anything from around all of Martapa found here. This space is roughly five blocks by five blocks large, with no permanent structures, but lots of tents and movable stalls. Literally anything can be found here from live chickens to dwarven swords. It just depends on time of year and which merchants are available.

Some common items to be found here are food from around the area, fresh fish, local fabric, and some blacksmithed items (such as pots, fire pokers, tripods for cooking). If you are doing a campaign the common items in your players handbook are at the best availability level. Exotic items could include such things as pets from Ariella, silks, and rare woods. This would be a 20% availability according to your handbook. Prices vary, common items should be normal prices, while rarer items may be more and more expensive depending on how far they had to be shipped.

When night falls, light stones are brought out or mages cast light spells upon special poles in the market so the bazaar can last until the 10th bell. Most of the people who sell here are from the local area, but some stalls are set aside for foreign sellers as well. People who sell here give a silver penny a day to sell to the city of Bloodhelm.

Around the outside of the bazaar a person would find the Traveling Tramp Inn (Average), Uncovered Gold (Moneylender/changer), Catiana's Grace (Healer), Sarjon's Rest Inn (Upscale), Exotic Spices, Mystic Potions, Tresh's Imports, Calligrapher, Traveling Merchant Inn (Upscale), Undertaker, The Seeress, Cythia's Herbs, Bookbinder, Zen's Gambling, Blessed Pawnshop, Tender Mercies Healers, Temple to Taniger, The wanderer Inn (Average), The Spell Filch (Spell Components), Interpreter, and a Barber.
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Monday, September 27, 2010

Character: Tarkil Bloodhelm

So I thought I would do something different. On Mondays I thought I might show you one of the characters in my world, whether a main character or minor character of interest. Tuesdays a place in my world. Wednesday I'll work on some history, Thursday I'll slip in an item of interest and Friday will be a free for all, maybe even part of a chapter in my first novel. All of which I will try and tie into the ability for you to use them for a roleplaying campaign. So let's begin with Tarkil Bloodhelm

Tarkil was originally my friend's, Karl, character for my campaign on my world. He wanted to try a thief and assassin and I let him, even though I knew he might clash with my husband's all to honest Akicitia. But it all turned out right in the end, they all had fun and I got an idea for a novel series.

Tarkil is my main character in the High King's Sword series. He is the third son of the brother of the current Leader of House Bloodhelm (3251Post Avatar). Tarkil is a far bit from earning Leadership of House Bloodhelm and he has no desire to step into those shoes. He is the son of Lord Kredoc and Lady Sanicia and has two older brothers, Ryan and Terrick. He has been fostered in the lap of luxury, but his uncle has had him trained to be the family's clean up and espionage man. Adept at a young age for finding his way into spots he should never be and getting out of them just as easily he was an obvious choice for the House's main spy. He was happy in his life, having found love, but she was taken from him and now has fallen into brooding which has led to drinking and self-pity.

Tarkil is human and the age of 20 winters. He stands five foot ten inches and weighs about 150 pounds (He's a very lithe guy). He's lean, but athletic. Not broad, but not willow slender either. More runner in appearance then fighter. His face is hard, handsome, but a darkness hangs over him. His features are sharp and his eyes narrow, his nose slightly upturned. His complexion is bronze, though a light bronze since he lives on the coast. His eyes are sapphire blue and his hair is sandy blond, feathered in the front and kept in a tight pony tail which falls just below the base of the neck.

Tarkil usually wears rich clothes, but in dark colors and usually unadorned. His clothes are usually ones which will allow him to blend in. He wears a shirt with puffy sleeves and lacing in the front down to about mid chest. His pants are a little below the knee, with knee high boots and a billowy dark cloak. All of these are in blacks and dark grays. A Black leather belt holds a saber. Several daggers are hidden about his person for "just in case" emergencies.

When Tarkil speaks it is precise, but eloquent. He can twist words and meanings to fit what he needs without actually lying.

Tarkil is a loaner, liking to keep to himself. He will be sociable when need be, but prefers not to deal with people directly.

Though from a noble House he hates slavers. He may be enslaved by blood, but no one should be forced into that situation. He does help his good friends (which are few) when they are in a pinch. He is a quick wit and thinks fast on his feet. He can make people feel good about themselves even if he is using them in the process. But he is dark and brooding and thinks nothing of using others.

Tarkil's weakness is pretty women, drink, and people in love (though he'd never admit the last).

Tarkil has a hobby of wine collecting.

In my story Tarkil gets wrapped up with the five other main characters by chance when he's at the Traveling Tramp trying to relax and think of a good way to get back into his Uncle Ikaris' good graces. He disdains all of them and is only using them to make his life easier. This makes him hard to like at first, but over the coarse of the book he starts to allow his self imposed walls down with the group, mostly because of the bubbly bard, Kenna. But it is a slow process.
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Friday, September 24, 2010

The Inn of the Five Roads

This inn, founded after the time of Chosen, rebuilt many times, and renamed just as many is a three story affair made of stout wood from the local forests. Originally meant to house the King's Men before they had a permanent station in Midway, the inn has become large enough to house many roving bands of merchants at one time. The downstairs is spacious, though the current owner, Broc, stuffs as many tables as he can to get the maximum amount of business. The kitchen runs twenty four hours a day and thus he has three cooks in his employ. The second floor has rooms with one or two beds and a common room with bunk beds (though it's not large since most people who move through Midway are merchants). The third floor is filled with suites with three bedrooms and a common room, all of which have fire places of their own. The fire places have magicks placed on them so they don't cause fire to the building after the last inn was burned to the ground just for that reason.

The current owner, Broc, recently lost his wife to the winter sickness. (Time line wise this about 9 years before the High King's Sword.) The longer he mourns the darker he becomes. He has eight children, three of which are of age and help in the inn, one of whom is a cook. The rest of his children are under the care of one of his servers named Jamilia, a runaway from Ariella and dark skinned beauty. She has a child of seven, named Kenna, who plays with Broc's children who Broc seems disinterested in now. His oldest, Grady, always seem to have a gambling debt, which cuts into Broc's profits. (Which are quite good.)

There isn't a permanent bard, but some nights Jamilia with dance the exotic dances of Ariella or her young daughter will sing ballads her father, Flynn Whiteswan, teaches her when he sometimes stops in from his travels. They don't bring in a lot, but Broc takes half of what ever they make and Jamilia saves the other half to get Kenna trained to read and write.

The fair here is good, though the dinner hour always has the best food since Broc uses his best cook then. Broc keeps stew on hand all the time, along with bread. Other food costs a lot more but can be made to order. Mead and ale are always available, but the type varies on what he is able to get in.

The price for a room is usually 3 silver eagles, with dinner an additional silver eagle. Stabling is 3 copper pennies per animal. Grain feed is 5 copper pennies.

This inn is the starting point of my romantic entanglement of my main character in the High King's Sword. Kenna, my server's daughter, is 16 when she leaves the inn under not so pleasant circumstances then heads for Bloodhelm where she meets the other characters in my book. This place is revisited many times and I love to add new things every time I come across it in my novels (which of course means more back writing for me...) This would be a good place to start adventuring, since inns are always a good place to begin with a new party. With all the merchants in here and King's Men there is likely to be all sorts of mischief to be had.

Monday: The Bazaar of Bloodhelm

Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Town of Midway

Midway is a small town which happens to be at the intersecting points of five very important King's Roads. The roads leading to Bloodhelm, Pathfinder, Weatherworn, Vandez, and Cole all intersect here. The roads are well maintained and patrolled by King's Men for three days ride out on all five roads.

The town itself houses about three thousand people, most of which are King's Men and their support staff. Farmers live in the outlying area and supply a lot of the towns needs.

Because of the location, merchant traffic is heavy and most any item wanted can be found. The price and availability just depends on time of year.

The town houses a large blacksmith, a weaver, weaponsmith, a Temple to Tinaka, the Goddess of Healing, and a single inn. Supplies for adventurers are easy to come by, especially since so many King's Men are here.

The Inn of the Five Roads has been here since right after the time of the Chosen, though it has been rebuilt many times.

This is a good place to start adventuring since there are brigands, ogres, and skeigs to fight. There are also ruins nearby of old House manors and even older ruins from times long gone.
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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Stormvale, Capital of Tridon

Stormvale is the capital of all of Tridon and is the learning center of Tiana. The castle of the High King sits here along with temples to every God in the Pantheon, even Kahalla right after Stormvale was founded. (After the time of the Chosen, the temple of Kahalla was destroyed.) The battle schools of Sarjon and Shade are present here. Most Knights come here for some sort of training at some point in their lives and to give homage to the Tomb of Peter after he died.

The Great Library, larger then most villages, stands five stories high, made of marble, with a huge garden in the middle and large archives underneath protected by strong magicks so the books and scrolls are preserved. The Temples of Catiana and Targon oversee the staffing, though most of the temples send someone to help with the library. Anyone may enter and for a small fee may research in the building. Discounts are giving to scholars if they pay by the month instead of by the day.

The wall protecting Stormvale, which Peter commissioned, was finished shortly after his death and has an active protection force of 5,000 after it is finished, up to twenty thousand by the time of the High King's Sword, though the wall has expanded and is unfinished in some areas.

Since this is not only the Capital City of Tridon, but the merchant capital as well since it sits pretty much in the middle of the country, the population during trading season can get up to 400,000 or more in the time of the High King's Sword. All races mingle freely here, though less of elves and dwarves in the time of the High King's Sword. The permanent population in the time of Peter is probably around 50,000 by the time of his death and 250,000 by the time of the High King's Sword.

All religions are here and so are all alignments, though the Knights try to keep out the truly bad. The city imports foodstuffs, raw goods, livestock, clothing, cloth, silk, and ore. But the export well trained healers, educators, magic users and mercenaries.

This would be an excellent starting point for characters in a campaign. There are the battle schools for fighters, the Great Library for mages, and all sorts of temples for priests, and thieves guilds abound here (at least two major ones). Not to mention people can find all sorts of stuff here to buy, if they have the money, and adventure of all sorts abound, with the country side so near.
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Monday, September 20, 2010

The Traveling Tramp Inn

The Traveling Tramp is the major staging area for My High King's Sword Novels and the roleplaying campaign I ran for two years on my world. Found on the east side of the bazaar in Bloodhelm, this two story inn has been part of Bloodehlm since Bloodhelm came into being.

The current owner is Derk Tumblestone, an ex-adventurer and mercenary. He spent his youth traveling the countryside, fighting brigands and monsters, even finding himself in the Minotaur Wars. He would have continued except his band rescued a group of slaves from Black Wizards and he fell in love with one of the women named Mina. He proposed to her on the spot, took her back to Bloodhelm and bought the Traveling Tramp. He has quite the stash so he's never been big on making a large margin. He always helps down on their luck adventurers and ex-slaves, especially after his former band was wiped out by brigands not long after he bought the inn.

The tap room down stairs is large. Fifty people could easily fit inside the tavern around tables. The bar itself is directly across from the front door, manned by Derk himself, the kitchen behind. A small stage and fire place are to the right of the door, the stairs to the second floor to the right of the bar. Between the stairs and the kitchen is a small hall that leads to a bath house and privy. Under the stairs is one small room, another across the hall from the stairs. Derk uses these for bards when he has one.

Upstairs are private rooms, two suites and a common room with 10 bunk beds. Each private room has two single beds, a mirror and a chest. The suites have 3 bedrooms with two beds and a common room. The room under the stairs has one bed, the one across the hall has two beds.

Derk is assisted by his wife, three daughters and two of his sons. (His other son is serving in the home guard). His oldest, Celest, does most of the serving, though the other girls serve as well. Derk will not allow mistreatment of his girls, and neither will Crusher, Derk's bouncer and best friend, who just happens to be 1/4 ogre. (His father was a half ogre).

The most significant decorations of this fine inn are the shields hung on the wall behind the bar. Most are dented and blood smeared with hand painted standards. Each one of these shields belongs to a fallen adventurer. Derk respects all requests to hang one and only asks for the story behind each.

Stew, bread, and platters of meat are available. Fruit is available when Derk can get it and Mina makes delicious pies. Ale and mead are the mainstay, but Derk keeps dwarven ale along with wine for those nobles who play at being adventurers for the night.

Some of the regulars found here include Tres Silversword, a red haired firebrand and leader of the Flaming Shield mercenary band. She hates nobles and is a forward woman. She's not beautiful, but she can hold her own. Another is Hannon, Derk's bard of the moment. He's an old man and plays instruments well, but singing and story telling are another matter. He is slightly hunched and doesn't hear well, so Derk only uses him when he absolutely has to, but Derk doesn't have the heart to throw him out, either.

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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Noble Houses of Tridon

House Vandez: Hollow, Manaius, Bluerose, Starwolf, Silverstone, Infinity, Ignis, and Stiria.

House Cole: Swordfish, Carpenter, Seafoam, and Boatwright

House Brightwater: Avis, Linter, Dulcis, Nemus, Albus, Aurum, Shipwright

House Bloodhelm: Taladian, Merlinous, Draedon, Aevthela, Dumatri, Ganlian, Phaedius, Thunderclaw, and Whitehorse

House Eton: Texere, Lana, Bombyx, Materia, Cedar, Shepard, Seedling, Warp, Weaver, and Tingere.

House Goldleaf: Sage, Rosemary, Steelhammer, Gemfinder, Stonegrinder, Coppersmith, and Hunter.

House Weatherworn: Tempest, Fulmen, Nimbus, Ningit, Imber, Nebula, Frost, and Windless.

House Pathfinder: Trailblazer, Bowyer, Truearrow, Heartshot, Wolfrunner, Eaglefeather, Stoutoak, Forest, Prancing Deer and Hunting Cat.

House Greenthorne: Aurifex, Gemma, Argenteus, Inspicere, and Metalsmith.

House Merryweather: Trapper, Thrusher, Farmer, Caseus, Mica, Fruges, Hortus, Narcissus and Cibus.

House Calabay: Seahorse, Seafoam, Shipwright, Obsidian, Whalehunter, Tempetas, and Oceanus.

House Varanath: Volcanus, Miner, Weapnsmith and Terra.

House Tayke: Draconos, Mus, Bos, Tigris, Cuniculus, Serpens, Equites, Bides, Simia, Pullus, Canis and Sus.

House Landshire: Plainsrunner, Rolling Storm, Whale Chaser, Stormchaser, Fisher and Skyflier.

House Sunvale: Gopher, Running Bear, Thunderbird, Soaring Eagle, Blackspear, Dark Coyote, Blue Feather, Healerhome, Suntrail, Slingstone, Plainstrider, Firebird, Yarrow and Willow.

House Karoon: Triticeus, Ager, Victus, Olla and Rancher.

Monday: The Traveling Tramp Inn, the center of my world.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

House Coat of Arms

1st House Vandez: Sword behind a tower, Purple and green colors

2nd House Cole: White/orange checker pattern with a fox, White and orange colors

3rd House Brightwater: Anchor and sword on white field, gold and white colors

4th House Bloodhelm: Bloody helm and glove on black field, black and red colors

5th House Eton: A great tree behind a mountain goad on a field of brown/green checkered, green and brown colors.

6th House Goldleaf: A gold colored oak leaf, sword through the top of the leaf on blue field, blue and gold colors.

7th House Weatherworn: Cloud and lightning bolt on grey field, grey and yellow colors.

8th House Pathfinder: Wolf encircled by gold leaves on gray field, black and gray.

9th House Greenthorne: Flowering rosebush with thorns on green field, green and red colors.

10th House Merryweather: Rising sun in center on gray and white field with a stag before it, gray and white colors.

11th House Calabay: Seahorse with crossed sword on sea green field, green and gold colors.

12th House Varanath: Volcano on a field of dark blue (after the time of the chosen it is a wolf and battle axe before the volcano on a dark blue field), dark blue and gray colors.

13th House Tayke: Dragon with a sword behind it on white field, light blue and white colors.

14th House Landshire: Running horse on tan field, tan and black colors

15th House Sunvale: Sun rising above a mountain, colors gold and tan.

16th House Karoon: Two crossed lances on brown field in front of a cornucopia, brown and yellow colors.

Tomorrow: list of noble Houses.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Houses of Tridon, Part XVII

So our last House of Tridon is Karoon. Founded by Devon Karoon who was an excellent fighter from horse back, usually starting every battle with a charge with one of his hand made lances. He became a good farmer once he settled down as House Leader. (In the beginning of the Houses, even the Leaders worked at the craft of the area.)

The coat of arms is two crossed lances on brown field in front of a cornucopia. The House colors are brown and yellow.

Karoon is 94 days from Bloodhelm, east of the Tsalagi Mountains.

The population of Karoon in the time of the High King's Sword is 100,000, mostly human. They worship Catiana, Sarjon, Targon and Iktomi. The import metal, meat, gems, cotton, dwarven and elven goods. They export fruits, wheat, wines, silk, spices, and herbs. In the time of the Chosen the House is besieged and many lives are lost to Shaniko and his undead so they made a deal with Shaniko not to attack him. After Shaniko died they decided not to deal with the Black Wizards of Shaniko, but neither did they return to Tridon because they were upset they were not sent help (even though it was nearly impossible for anyone on the west side to send help at the time). The Houses and noble Houses are still mostly intact in the time of the High King's Sword, but they rule with an iron fist. About 50 years after Peter became High King, though, Karoon was a laid back House with large fruit orchards and great fields of wheat. It was the bread basket of Tridon. Tygh Karoon, the grandson of Devon Karoon, looked after the House with his wife Teresa and their two children. Nothing of great consequence happened in Karoon but fall markets and celebrations. The people of Karoon were quite loyal to King Peter and mourned his death greatly.

The common alignments are Chaotic Good, Neutral Good, Neutral in the time of Peter. After Shaniko the most common alignments are Chaotic Good, Neutral, and Lawful Evil

The noble Houses of Karoon number 5: Triticeus, Ager, Victus, Olla and Rancher.

In the time of the High King's Sword the city wants nothing to do with Tridon or the Black Wizards. They are neutral, but will not allow slavery or the misuse of the House's citizens.
Tomorrow: List of House Coats of Arms and Colors

Monday, September 13, 2010

Houses of Tridon, Part XVI

Sunvale was a native to the area of Eastern Tridon which looked very similar to the southwest, his people living in cliff dwellings. He had come to Last Stand in search of help for his sister, for the elders said he would find it there. He did find Peter and in doing so found Jadae Tayke, who knew a way to cure the illness which had overcome his sister. In the process he found 16 good friends for life.

The coat of arms for Sunvale is a sun rising above a mountain. The House colors are tan and gold.

Sunvale is almost the furthest east House (Karoon is the farthest). Sunvale is 82 days northeast of Bloodhelm, east of the Tsalagi Mountains.

Sunvale had a population of around 130,000 before Shaniko destroyed the House in the time of the Chosen. Most were human. Now the city is small, housing only around 20,000 people, but they do not bow down to the Wizards. They are always under siege in the time of the High King's Sword and await for the True High King to once again free them from the oppression. The House line and noble House Lines still live and lead the city, but they are not like the nobles of the west and keep their position because they lead well, not necessarily because they are of the blood. Sunvale imports wines, metals, silks, and spices. They export pottery, blankets, turquoise, jasper, medicinal herbs and world class healers. (In the time of the Chosen and the High King's Sword they don't export or import nearly that much and are nearly self sufficient.) The House's people are like the Pueblo Native Americans of the Southwest, down to the dwellings and dress. Knights here are capable of fighting in armor but don't usually wear it in the are of the House. Sunvale had twenty three children with three wives, all but four male. (His first two wives died, one in childbirth and one from an ogre attack.) Each was trained at different Houses and brought back great amounts of knowledge. His third oldest, Coyote, leads the House about 50 years after Peter becomes High King, but Coyote's brothers and sisters act as his council.

The alignments of Sunvale commonly are Neutral Good, Chaotic Good, and Neutral.

The noble Houses of Sunvale number 14 (because there were so many children): Gopher, Running Bear, Thunderbird, Soaring Eagle, Blackspear, Dark Coyote, Blue Feather, Healerhome, Suntrail, Slingstone, Plainstrider, Firebird, Yarrow, and Willow.

In the time of the High King's Sword Sunvale is a small outpost of freedom on the east side. If given help they would support the true High King and once again become part of Tridon.
Tomorrow: Karoon

Friday, September 10, 2010

Houses of Tridon, Part XV

The House of Landshire was founded by Teth Landshire. He bred horses before he became part of the Company of the Dragon, and continued to breed horses when he became a House Leader. He married a lovely Ariellan girl named Valerie.

The coat of arms is a running horse on a tan field. The House colors are tan and black.

Landshire is 74 days from Bloodhelm. It is north east of Bloodhelm, east of the Tsalagi mountians and on the eastern peninsula of Tiana.

Landshire's population is around 120,000 in the time of the High King's Sword, mostly humans, though some ogres and Minotaurs. Right before Landshire succumbs to Shaniko it's population is mostly human and around 100,000. Landshire imports metals, magic items, herbs, ales, wines and dwarven goods. They export horses, fish, whale oil, spices and silks. The house was founded by Teth Landshire, a good solid man who mourned the death of his first wife, Valerie, and dotes upon his oldest and grandchildren. His son, Jason, now rules the House (around 50 years after Peter becomes High King). Because Teth never really got over Valerie's death, Teth has paid little attention to Jason's half brothers and sister. There is a lot of resentment in the children which might hurt Jason in the long run. This is a major fishing and whaling port.

The alignments of Landshire commonly are Neutral Good, Chaotic Good, and Neutral (In the time of the High King's sword the alignments changed more to Neutral, Lawful evil and Neutral evil.)

The noble Houses of Landshire numbered 6: Plainsrunner, Rolling Storm, Whale Chaser, Stormchaser, Fisher, and Skyflier.

In the time of the High King's Sword this House is lost, though the city remains. It was lost to Shaniko in the time of the Chosen, and he killed all heirs to the House itself, but he left the noble Houses fairly intact. They now rule the city with a tight fist, but do so for the Black Wizards of Shaniko not Tridon.
Monday: Sunvale

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Houses of Tridon, Part XIV

The House of Tayke is the first of four "lost" Houses which were lost before the time of the Chosen to the Black Wizard Shaniko. The House of Tayke was founded by Jadae Tayke, a firm fighter and was often called "The Dragon" in battle. In her original culture dragons denoted wisdom. She was the only female Leader of the original 16 Houses.

The coat of arms of Tayke are a dragon with a sword behind it on a white field. The House colors are light blue and white.

Tayke is 68 days from Bloodhelm to the north east, and on the east side of the Tsalagi Mountains.

The population of Tayke before its down fall was 170,000 people, mostly humans. Tayke worships Sarjon, Pezuta, Targon, Iktomi, Somniare, and Shade. Tayke imports metals, horses, cotton, some livestock, dwarven and elven goods, fish oil, and ore. Tehy export foodstuff, silk, spices, fine weapons, books, art, and jewelry and most importantly light stones. (Later on other mages perfected the ability to make light stones.) This settlement of oriental like people was the original home place of Jadae Tayke, the only female of the Company of the Dragon. She was a skilled fighter and a firm woman. She married a scholar of her own nationality and had twelve children who lived. Her eldest daughter is Leader and priming her eldest daughter to lead after her. (Until Tayke is destroyed most of the Leaders of Tayke were women). The people here are very lawful and peaceful. Silk is the primary trade commodity, but so are books of knowledge. (This is one of the reasons Shaniko took Tayke out of commission.)

The alignments for Tayke are commonly Lawful Good, Neutral, and Lawful Evil.

The noble Houses of Tayke number 12: Draconos, Mus, Bos, Tigris, Cuniculus, Serpens, Equites, Bides, Simia, Pullus, Canis, and Sus.

In the time of the High King's Sword there is no House Tayke. There are probably long distant heirs to the House, but neither it nor its noble Houses are in exsisted.
Tomorrow: Landshire, the Lost House

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Houses of Tridon, Part XIII

The House of Varanath was founded Joseph Goldenstein who chose a place near his home village of his birth, which was near the great Varanath mountain. Thus he named his House Varanath.

The coat of arms for Varanath was a volcano on a field of dark blue. After the time of the Chosen the coat of arms changed to a wolf and an axe imposed upon the volcano. The House colors are dark blue and gray.

Varanath is 54 days ride from Bloodhelm, east of Eton half way between Eton and the Tsalagi Mountains.

In the time of the High King's Sword the population is about 25,000 people, mostly humans though some elves and dwarves. Most of the population of the House are ranchers and trappers, thus the city is not very big. Varanath imports grains, textiles, horses, sea food, paper, elven and dwarven goods. They export ores, smelted metals, weapons, timber, gems, jewelry, and furs. Joseph was an original member of Peter's Company of the Dragon and a loyal friend. Varanath supports Peter's son, Stephan, even though he's the second son (about 50 years after Peter becomes High King). Varanath is near a semi-active volcano that causes earthquakes but has not blown its top in known history. The little soil that can be worked is, but the country is rugged and cattle is the primary means of feeding the country. Mines and smelters are plentiful and have been a means of making Varanath quite rich. For the most part the people hare are peaceful and happy. A bandit group has been spotted and encountered in the west branch of the Tsalagi Mountains, but they have not been apprehended as of yet. Jospeh's eldest granddaughter, Josephine, is in line to inherit for his son died at the Battle of Battledrawn ten years ago. She is a capable woman of twenty five, supports the High King and will lead forward the House into prosperous times.

The common alignments here are Chaotic Good, Neutral Good, and Neutral.

The noble Houses of Varanath number four: Volcanus, Miner, Weaponsmith, and Terra.
(When Noshi retakes her House, in a story I do hope to get published, there are no noble Houses because they were all killed)

In the time of the High King's Sword this is the most loyal to the High King, whom ever he may be, and is the seat of the Northern Alliance.
Tomorrow: Tayke, the lost House
(Just as a side note, I shall make a chart with House coats of arms, colors, noble Houses and leaders for the major points in time when I've gone through all the Houses, which we have four more to go)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Houses of Tridon, Part XII

The House of Calabay was founded by Eric Calaby a good friend to Peter and a good fighter with twin weapons. But he loved the sea (having lived there when he was young). He loved sailing and before his castle was even built had a shipyard created in the bay below his city.

The coat of arms of Calabay is a seahorse with crossed swords on a sea green field. The colors are green and gold.

Calabay is the farthest north House along the western coast and is 32 days by horse from Bloodhlem.

In the time of the High King's Sword there 100,000 people, mostly humans but some sea elves as well. The city imports grain, cattle, spices, ore, elven and dwarven goods. It exports fish, oil, furs, gems (mostly jasper, obsidian, and the like), ship supplies, whale meat and blubber, and herbs found from the sea. Their biggest export, of course, is sea going merchant and navel vessels. Calabay is a fishing and trading port of the north, the bay frozen three months of the year at the mouth. People live by the sea, though goat and sheep herders dot the hillsides. People here could be described as happy-go-lucky and is why the shy sea elves often mingle among the people of Calabay (oooohkay...clearly I forgot about the sea elves when I was describing races...I will fix that oversight soon). Daniel Calaby, the son of Eric Calabay rules the House thirty years after Peter became High King. He is loyal to the High King as are all of the Knights of Calabay. His oldest son, Samson, has been courting Lady Josephine, though she has not jumped one way or another as of yet. The winters here are cold and snowy despite being at a low elevation. Summers are temperate and springs are wet. Ogres have been a problem lately for Daniel, though House Calabay is unsure of the reason.

The common alignments are Chaotic Good, Neutral Good, and Neutral.

The noble Houses of Calabay number 7: Seahorse, Seafoam, Shipwright, Obsidian, Whalehunter, Tempetas, and Oceanus.

In the High King's Sword Calabay is a firm part of the Northern Alliance and even in the time of trouble when all the Houses were fighting amongst each other, Calabay has stood firm with the Throne of the High King and its rightful heir.
Tomorrow: Varanath

Monday, September 6, 2010

Houses of Tridon Part XI

The 10th House is Merryweather and was founded by Gandolf Merryweather. He was a farmer in Last Stand before the ogres took over, but when he became a fighter it was like the sun rising. They called him "the stag" for his ability to disappear into the underbrush once he loosed a surprise attack. It was also rumored there were other reasons for the connotation.

The coat of arms for Merryweather is a rising sun in the center on a gray and white field with a stag before it. The House colors are gray and white.

Merryweather is northeast of Bloodhelm and Vandez, with 35 days of travel by horse (I should mention this is at a walk, not a run or a gallop) from Bloodhelm.

In the time of the High King's Sword 150,000 people call Merryweather home, most of which are humans. Merryweather imports horses, spices, silks, fish oil, elven and dwarven goods. It exports grains, fruits, wines, herbs, and cheese. This is a community of farmers and peasants. Few here are aware of the political problems of the country. Gandolf Merryweather was a simple man, son of farmers himself. He delighted in planting and harvesting until he physically could no longer do so. His eldest daughter, Madaline, married a younger Knight of Calabay and currently rules Merryweather so Gandolf can enjoy his small garden in his keep. Foods are shipped out on the river to the west and east, wagon trains to the north and south. There are forest to the north, but Varanath governs most of them.

The common alignments for Merryweather are Lawful Good, Neutral Good, and Chaotic Good.

Noble House for Merryweather number 9: Trapper, Thrusher, Farmer, Caseus, Mica, Fruges, Hortus, Narcissus and Cibus

In the time of the High King's Sword they are firm part of the the Northern Alliance and seek the true High King.
Tomorrow: Calabay

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Houses of Tridon, Part X

The House of Greenthorne was founded by Thomas Greenthorne. He was a farmer in Last Stand when Peter and his friends rescued the town and decided he wanted to help the world. Thomas loved roses, often giving them to his wife for the simplest of things, but he was a warrior through and through.

The coat of arms for Greenthorne is flowering rosebush with thorns on a green field. The House colors are green and red.

Greenthorne is north of Vandez, (and thus Bloodhelm), on the western coast about midway. Greenthorne is 30 days travel from Bloodhelm.

Greenthorne imports foodstuff, textiles, silks, magic, books, mercenaries and dwarven goods. It exports gold, gems, and ale. Greenthorne was a small town where Thomas wanted to live (he liked the view of the sea from the mountain cliffs). Sheep, cattle and grain were raised here and shipped down the river inland but when gems and gold were discovered in 2037 all things changed. The simple villagers were soon over run by dark elements. Even the Knights under Thomas began to turn a blind eye to injustices for the right money. William Greenthorne, Thoma's eldest son, is now Lord of House Greenthorne (this is about 30 years after Peter became king) and is not as benevolent as his father. The power of riches is going to his head and he is over looking thieves guilds because of the money they pay him.

The alignments most common here are Neutral, Lawful Good and Lawful Evil.

The noble Houses of Greenthorne are 5 (because Greenthorne doesn't want to share their wealth): Aurifex, Gemma, Argenteus, Inspicere, and Metalsmith.

In the time of the High King's Sword the House is neutral on the outside, but would like to put their own High King upon the throne.
Tomorrow: Merryweather

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Houses of Tridon, Part IX

House Pathfinder is the only House founded by a half-elf (though in my not to be seen trilogy an elf runs House Eton). Pathfinder was a half-elf scout who trained the men who followed Peter and Peter himself to use weapons. He had no need to be involved in human affairs, but he understood without the humans fighting the ogres, the elves would be next to fall to the ogres. He married Peter's youngest sister, Andrea.

The coat of arms for Pathfinder is a wolf encircled by gold leaves on a gray field. The House colors are black and gray.

Pathfinder is on the southern coast of Tiana, east of Weatherworn and Bloodhelm. It is 18 days by horse to reach Pathfinder from Bloodhelm.

In the time of the High King's Sword the population of Pathfinder is 100,000, mostly human, but a large concentration of elves lives there. They import grains, stone, livestock, coal, dwarven goods, and ore. They export timber, leather, fur, rangers, herbs, and fruit. Pathfinder was the guide of the Company of the Dragon (what Peter and his friends were called). He was an obvious choice as House Leader of the forest province as he was fond of arboreal places. The capital of House Pathfinder is half tree city, half city on the forest floor. It is modeled after an elven city where smiths, stables, and the great hall lay on the forest floor (though a lot of the poorer homes are on the ground as well). Many rangers come from this city and there is a Scout school of Iktomi based here. Pathfinder ruled for over a hundred years before giving the reins to his eldest grandson.

The alignments common to Pathfinder is Lawful Good, Neutral Good, Chaotic Good, and Neutral.

The noble Houses of Pathfinder number 10: Trailblazer, Bowyer, Truearrow, Heartshot, Wolfrunner, Eaglefeather, Stoutoak, Forest, Prancing Deer, and Hunting Cat.

During the time of the High King's Sword there are people in the House that want to put up their own High King, but most want to side with the True High King. The House remains undeclared.
Tomorrow: Greenthorne