Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Races of Martapa Part XVI

Wood Elf Description: Wood Elves stand around five foot in height, though they can be taller, with ears which taper.  Hair color can range from white to purple, brown to black and everything in between, with one exception.  Only the elves of the Sunstar line have red hair.  Eye color also range, usually matching their color, though not always, especially for the odd colors like white or red.

There are two major subsets of Wood Elves, northern and southern.  The northern are more pale skinned and do actually live in the woods. the southern elves are black skinned and live more in the open plains and foothills.  The only difference in the subsets is the skin color.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Races of Martapa Part XV

Dwarven Names: Clan names usually have a stone or metal in part of the name, like Stonecrusher or Bluesteel.  Male names usually blend some sort of tree and metal or stone, or are just a stone or metal.  Some examples would be Stoneoak or Granite.  Female names are usually a blend of herbs or flowers with stone or metal, or just herbs or flowers.  Some examples would be Steelrose or Heather. 

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Races of Martapa Part XIV

Adventures: Dwarves could make good warriors, clerics, (because you have to be healed to keep fighting, rangers and thieves. Mages are possible, but they are very battle orientated. Barbarian rager types would be a good choice, though so would paladins.  I would give them the axe skill free, (regardless of class), and maybe a crafting skill for free or half price.  They get a bonus to strength and Constitution, but their Charisma and/or Intellect suffers.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Races of Martapa Part XIII

Religion and Alignment: Dwarves are usually Lawful to Chaotic Good, with some Neutral alignments.  Rarely are dwarves evil, but there are a few.  Most Dwarves worship Taniger, though all give heed to Cataina and Wesa.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Races of Martapa Part XII

Relations: Dwarves, for the most part, get along with other races, taking everything humans do with a grain of salt since they are short lived.  They use to have a connection with the Ancient Elves, serving as guards for the royalty, but that died out over the centuries for a reason they will not say and for the fact the ancient elves eventually died out.  Minotuars they view with a grudging respect, though they don't deal with them much since they are in league with the Black Wizards.  They dislike ogres and though they don't go out of their way to harm them, they most likely will not help them either.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Races of Martapa Part XI

Society: Dwarves live underground in large warrens of stone so they can be near mining nodes of one type or another.  There are settlements above ground who cultivate the timber needed for the ships and boats they make, as well as ports where the ships are made.  Also to produce the wool and cotton to weave with. They are ruled by a King and are broke up in Clans. Families train their young in their profession, making for generations of the same crafter in the same compound.   While humans live around 60 years, dwarves can live up to five hundred years.

Families vary in size and make up. Dwarves have on average three children.  Depending on the craft it will depend on ho many people live in a compound. Weavers will have more extended family then engineers. Those of more military strips will have large extended families in one area so those family members who are not serving in the military can help take care of family who have members in the military as well.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Races of Martapa Part X

Dwarven Descriptions: Dwarves are about four feet in height and bare a darker skin then humans.  Hair color varies, usually one color more prominent in a particular clan then another.  Eye color varies, though granite and slate gray are common.  Men bare long beards decorated with beads and other little trinkets, and woman usually have long braids. They wear stout cotton tunics (both females and males), heavy pants, leather boots which go to their knees and flop over, and usually a thick leather belt to carry their various tools and weapons.