Monday, May 31, 2010

Pezuta, Goddess of Luck

Pezuta, Goddess of Luck, Good Wishes, and of Fortune, is often referred to as the "The Lady". Even Targon pays homage to her now and again. She brings luck to those who need it, though denies it sometimes as well. Her moods are fickle and she doesn't always heed the prayers of her followers. Everyone, at one time or another, has asked for her aid, since she brings good luck to those who need it, but Pezuta usually only grants such request if it will help the Balance or if it is one of her most devout followers. She usually appears as lithe woman in flashy robes or dresses with brilliant red hair and green eyes. She always carries a bag of coins and opal dice. Her favorite avatar is a merchant in Brightwater, Lucia Cointender, who owns the Happy Merchant.

Some generic roleplaying mechanics are as follows: Her Mages bare the symbol of a coin with a woman's face upon it. The Mages usually wear nice robes of bright colors. They can carry staves, daggers, or short swords.

Alignment (if your system calls for it) would be chaotic good. She only handles good luck and fortune, but she is definitely fickle when and where she hands it out.

Her followers include merchants, rogues, fortune tellers, but nearly everyone prays to her now and again.

Pezuta has created leprechauns, sprites, and fairies.

Her Mages are charged with spreading luck and fortune in the form of advice on how to handle ventures. She often houses seers in her temples so people can receive their futures if they so choose. Her temples are often huge, marble affairs with carvings of dancing, joyous people everywhere.

Her interactions with the other Gods are good, everyone likes good luck. She only fines Lokar distasteful, for death ends that streak of good luck, Dasa mean and spiteful, and Kahalla the worst of all evils. She has taken to sheltering Aiyana the best she can, and thus her followers and Mages often look after Aiyana's Mages as well.
Tomorrow: Taniger, God of Forges and Dwarves

Friday, May 28, 2010

Dasa, Goddess of Seduction

Dasa, or the Temptress as she is known, is the Goddess of Seduction and Ill-Used Love. She is a careful watcher of those who would seduce others for gain, pleasure, or both. She thrills in the act of the chase, especially if it involves a truly innocent. In her mind love is for the weak and a tool to gain riches and fame. It is because of this her daughter, Aiyana, Goddess of Love, fights so hard against her. She appears usually as a human woman who's dark beauty is unsurpassing. She wears her blond hair loose to fall to her shoulders. She wears sheen silk clothing that leaves just enough to the imagination. Her eyes shine blue, with a hint of lust, her pouty lips a fine ruby red. Her favorite avatar is Salina, a mistress of a house of ill repute in Astadi.

Some generic roleplaying mechanics are as follows: Her Mages bare the symbol of a black rose rapped seductively about a red rose. Her Mages tend to wear little at all in their temples, and when they go about the world their robes are made of the sheerest, finest silks. Color varies so as to highlight the best attributes of that Mage. They usually have small daggers as their weapons.

Alignment (if your system calls for it) is Chaotic Evil. She uses trickery, seduction, and chaos to get what she wants.

Her followers usually are women, though some men do worship her. Mostly human followers and sirens.

Dasa created Sirens, shapechangers, lycanthropes, and Tsula (a race of centaur with goat heads and bodies).

Her Mages are charged with breaking any innocents heart, with gaining pleasure from the act and revealing in the thrill of the chase. Temples are often simple houses of ill-repute, though they do actually build temples to her, as gaudy and impressive as they can get.

Her interactions are mixed. She adheres to the Balance better then some of the other Gods and does not slight Catiana in the least. Her thought is without innocence in the world she would not be able to get what she wanted. Lokar and her are allies, but not fast friends. Aiyana despises her and Taniger, God of Dwarves, hates her for using innocents. Targon is a slighted lover, but remains neutral where she is concerned. Her followers, on the other hand, have little magic for he doesn't like to see his daughter, Aiyana, to be upset by losing innocents.
Monday: Pezuta, Goddess of Luck
(A correction for the last few days, Lokar's followers include wizards, necromancers, and intelligent undead. Sarjon's followers include knights, fighters, mercenaries, war wizards and battle mages.)

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Lokar, God of Death

Lokar is another of my Gods I have literally turned into a character in my story. He is a quiet God, since death is often experienced alone. Most of the Gods refer to him as the Silent One. He is also the God of the Night and Dark Magic, though not as powerful in magic as Targon. He decides when death must and should occur. In certain circumstances he will appear himself to take a person, whether light or dark because of how heroic or spectacular their death is. Though classified a dark God because of the dark magic he controls, he is a very passive God. He does not seek out death of anyone. He knows in time everyone will succumb to such a fate.

Some generic roleplaying mechanics are as follows: His Mages bare an image of a black skull with green flames encircling it. His Mages also wear black robes with silver trim and carry long, silver scythes, to symbolize the reaping of souls.

Alignment (if your system calls for this) would be lawful evil. He is a dark God because of the Dark Magic aspect but he follows the laws of death and life strictly.

Lokar created the creatures skeletons, vampires, liches and zombies. He was not responsible for any mortal races since he brings death, not life.

His Mages are charged with bringing dignity to death, bringing power to Dark Magic, and bringing appreciation of the night. Few of his Mages wonder far from their temples and those who live in villages often are the undertakers of the village.

His interactions with the Gods are mixed. Most are neutral toward him, though Targon and him are always at war, how every amicable they might be. Tinaka, minor Goddess of Healing, opposes him for clear reasons and Sarjon only opposes the fact death ends battles far too quickly. He and Targon hate Kahalla the most of all the Gods, since they hold the key to Kahalla's Wizards to winning, magic.
Tomorrow: Dasa, Goddess of Seduction

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Sarjon, God of War

Sarjon is perhaps one of the few Gods I mention in my books, but don't really use as a character. As the God of War he is every present in the story, simply because of all the conflict, but I use him more in the background then the fore. He is a neutral God, since war does not take sides and he revels in a good fight, a good battle. He loves the intricacies of strategy and may inspire his followers with unsought strategies if they are putting their hearts into a battle. He loves to delve into battles and pick out one individual skirmish to watch. His favorite avatar is Jet Stonecrusher, an instructor at the battle school in Stormvale. The man his huge and bares a two handed sword. In his immortal form he is a human in full field plate, carrying a two handed sword named Foebane.

Some generic roleplaying mechanics are as follows: His Mages bare an image of a flaming sword pinning down a map. Unlike other Mages, his wear plate or mail armor while out spreading the word, and wear simple breaches and tunics while in their places of worship. (Unless it is a holy day then they deck out in armor).

Alignment (if your system calls for this) would be chaotic neutral. He lets war take its course and that is often chaotic.

Sarjon created the race of Akicitia with Catiana. He favors them, but he likes all races for they all wage war.

His Mages are charged with spreading weapon training, strategy, and the history of war. Often there are warrior training schools in his temples where mercenaries are likely to train.

His interactions with the other Gods is fairly good. He hates Kahalla because he is trying/tried (Depending when you put your campaign) to take over the pantheon. He often disagrees with Lokar because death often ends a good, well fought battle. As Father of the Gods he is often looked to for support by the other Gods.
Tomorrow, Lokar, God of Death.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Catiana, Goddess of Neutrality

Though Catiana doesn't appear very often in my novels, she is perhaps the most pivotal of my Gods and Goddesses. She is the Goddess of Neutrality, Justice and Wisdom. She enforces the Balance upon all the Gods, often having to punish the other Gods if they over step their bounds. In my original novels I set in the world of Martapa (novels which I hid away so no one will find them) she banishes Targon to the mortal plane for overstepping the bounds of the Balance. She is the calming influence of the pantheon and all Gods, both light and dark, look to her for guidance. Her favorite avatar is Katherine Stardreamer, a curious mage at the Dragon's Fire College in Tridon. (This college is pre-War of the Gods, but her avatar still appears at other mage colleges later on). Her appearance is a beautiful human with lovely long hair which changes color with her mood (when in immortal form, it is chestnut color in her avatar form). Her skin is ivory and her eyes are green.

Some generic roleplaying mechanics are as follows: Her Mages bare a perfectly balanced set of scales for their symbol. Their robes are blue with gold trim and they usually bare decorated staves.

Alignment (if your system calls for this) would be neutral. She is the Balance for all intensive purposes, so thus she is neutral in all matters.

Her followers include Human sages, Clan Warriors, some mundane mages, and seers. Even the most devote who are not Mages will wear small gold scales upon their person somewhere.

Ah, I forgot about creations as well. She created the races of Akicitia (with Sarjon), Dragons, Unicorns, and humans.

Her Mages are charged with dispensing justice and are often called upon as judges in most towns and villages. They are also scholars and love to accumulate knowledge about everything from small rats to how great magic works. Temples to Catiana often house great libraries as well.

Her interactions with other Gods are very amicable, though some Gods chaff at her words now and again (especially Targon). Her and Sarjon are the only married Gods in the Pantheon and thus are referred to as "Mother" and "Father" of the Gods. And like all other Gods she despises Kahalla and he would willing take her down if given the chance.
Tomorrow: Sarjon, God of War

Monday, May 24, 2010

Kahalla, God of the Undead

Kahalla is the dark God everyone on Martapa, including the other Gods, love to hate. He is a power hunger individual, trying to take over the world for his own and rid of the other Gods. So the other Gods banished him to what is termed the Void. This is like a prison for Gods for they can not truly die, but neither is he truly alive and able to connect with his followers. This doesn't stop the Black Wizards of Shaniko and other wizards from worshiping him. Kahalla thrived on chaos, the more chaos on the mortal plane the happier he was. Before the War of the Gods he stole Lokar's ability to rule over Death Magic and twisted it to his whim. Unlike the other Gods he never, truly agreed to the Balance and thus why his eventual banishment. He has no known avatar, but likes to appear as a great-horned minotaur, which the minotaurs don't take kindly to. (Minotaurs are honor abiding mercenaries and thus do not follow Kahalla, so no one is really sure why he takes this form.)

Some generic mechanics for the roleplayer are as follows: His Mages bare a skull with a sword through the top as their symbol and they wear black robes lined with blood red.

Alignment (if your system calls for this) would be chaotic evil. He thrived on chaos before his banishment.

His Mages use small, ceremonial daggers as weapons, the better to draw blood for incantations. His followers include wizards, ogres, and imps. The biggest organization to follow him is the Black Wizards of Shaniko, who still seek to free him from his prison in the Void.

His Mages are to spread chaos and create undead. Places of worship for Kahalla (even though their prayers are not answered) are filled with undead of all sorts.

His interactions with the other Gods are not many. Most everyone, even the dark Gods, fight against him, though his biggest foe is Targon and Lokar. His son, Furere, minor God of Storms, supported him before the War of the Gods, but he will not actively seek to help Kahalla if there isn't a clear advantage to him. Even if he only comes back to the Mortal Plane to kill Targon, then he would be satisfied.
Tomorrow: Catiana, Lady of Neutrality.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Targon, Lord of Magic

Targon, God of Magic, Arcane Lore, and Elves, is perhaps my most dynamic and favorite of my Gods. I certainly spend too much time trying to figure out how to use him more in my novels. He is what would be considered the trickster God, flaunting rules which should bind him when he needs or wants something to be done. He takes a great interest in the affairs of mortals, especially elves, but no races are immune to his attention. He even dresses in a flashy manner, a swashbuckler's attire, right down to the floppy hat, his favorite way to greet mortals. If he appears he is often an elven man with varying hair and green eyes. Though never at full strength as an avatar he spends quite a bit of time as his favorite avatar, Skaska Blademaster, an elven Wolf Warrior.

Some generic game mechanics for the roleplayer are as follows:
His Mage's symbol is a flaming, outstretched hand and his Mages tend to wear robes, though some follow his example and dress flamboyantly.

Alignment (if your system calls for this) would most definitely be Chaotic Neutral. He walks the fence as best he can so as not to upset the Balance (an agreement the Gods will not interfere directly with mortals) but he most certainly has a mind of his own.

His Mages may use longswords without penalty, for that is his favored weapon, and his worshipiers are usually Clan Warriors, wood elves, mages, and sages. He created the wood elves so they are his numerous of followers as well as Mages.

His Mages are suppose to spread the word about using magic, as well as anything related to arcane magic.

His interactions with other gods are mixed. He usually gets along with even the Dark Gods, fathering several minor Gods from several of these interactions. His favorite child is Aiyana, Goddess of Love, and is very protective of her. He plays cat and mouse with Lokar, his chief rival, but does not truly hate him. Like all other Gods, he reviles Kahalla, though.
Monday: Kahalla, God of the Undead.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Gods of Martapa

Like all good worlds for roleplaying or books I have Gods who rule the world, mostly from a distance, but some from a much more personal level. There are nine what I term "Major Gods". These are the most powerful of the Gods, being the mothers and fathers of the "Minor Gods". The nine are also the Gods who created Martapa and have the most vested interest in her. The Nine Major Gods are as follows: Catiana, Goddess of Justice; Dasa, Goddess of Seduction and Ill-Used Love; Kahalla, God of Dark Magic, Darkness and Chaos; Lokar God of Undead, Night, and Death; Pezuta, Goddess of Good Luck, Good Wishes and of Fortune; Sarjon, God of War and Strategy; Taniger, God of Forges and Dwarves; Targon, God of Life Magic, Arcane Lore and Elves; and Tymara, Goddess of the Sun and Elements. There are many Minor Gods, more then I have created in my need for story arcs, but at the moment I have 10 Minor Gods fleshed out. If, in the future, after I have detailed the ones I have, you have need of another Minor God I would be more then happy to flesh him or her out. Those who worship the Gods are titled Mage (all magic users are termed mages or wizards which I will explain later). For roleplaying mechanics the use of a priest class would work just fine. I will start my series of Gods and how they could fit in your campaign tomorrow with my favorite, Targon. The God of Magic is a pivotal God in my stories and the most personable of the bunch. Until tomorrow!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

What is Martapa?

My world, named for my friends who roleplayed with me in college, is a fantasy based world of knights and mages, dragons and ogres, and everything in between. The world is made of two contients, Taina in the north and Ariella in the south. The north is occupied by the Knights of Tridon in the West and the Black Wizards of Shaniko in the East, separated only by the Tsalagi (Jah-la-gee) Mountains. In the south the Empire of Ariella reigns, with small pockets of independent life here and there. The major races of Martapa are Humans, Elves, Dwarves, Ogres, Minotaurs, and a race of cat people I have named Akicitia. There are other races as well, Fairies, Skiegs (my version of a goblin), and Winged Elves who have been lost to time. In my blog I plan on detailing the races, the landscape, the cultures, and the factions as best I can to help you roleplay in my world as my friends and I have done in the past. I hope you will hang in there with me and travel this road which will not only aid you in your game setting, but aid me on the road to finishing my novels I have set in this world. Welcome aboard.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Welcome to My World

I hope to use this blog to let you into my world. I'll give you ideas to use in your roleplaying game to make it more vibrant and interesting.