Thursday, May 28, 2015

Classes of Martapa Part 15

Clerics of Furere: His clerics are charged with spreading ill weather.  They number few, but are powerful. There are few temples, though sometimes sailors will carry a cleric of Furere to pray to the storm god to not bring on bad weather.  Usually an older cleric will take in a younger cleric to teach the ways of weather and replace him when he finally passes.  Clerics of Furere get seamanship as a skill free.  Anything weather related they also get as a class skill with a bonus.  They usually wear light leather armor or sailors outfits and carry long daggers or cutlasses.  Survival is also a class skill with a bonus to anything sea related.

Clerics of Furere bare a symbol of a lightning bolt and are usually chaotic neutral or chaotic evil.  Sailors and some druids may pay heed to him, while humans and minotuars are usually his clerics.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Classes of Martapa Part 14

Cleric of Aiyana: Aiyana's clerics are charged with protecting innocents and spreading love, though not carnal love. They love to revel in joyous occasions such as marriages and births, they bless marriages with special blessings, and they protect run away brides who are in love with another as if they are their own children.  Their places of worship are usually bright and cheerful with lots of gardens.  It is said only those of good or love can enter the temples.  They train in the staff, but do not often use them. Their spells lean more toward enchantments, but not forceful ones, and protections.  They also heal, but rarely use offensive spells.  Diplomacy is a free skill with a bonus and they gain a +2 (or equivalent) to their Charisma.  They wear only cloth robes.

Clerics of Aiyana bare the symbol of a unicorn, sometimes with a rainbow, and women usually keep flowers in their hair.  Their alignment should be Neutral Good, for though she is good and pure, they may have to break some laws to make love come together.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Classes of Martapa Part 13

Cleric of Tymara: Clerics of Tymara are tasked with understanding the elements and explaining what they are about to the lay people. They are also to protect all winged creatures, whether intelligent or not.  Most cast spells only of elemental nature, though they are able to heal some what in a limited way.  They dress in light colored robes, never anything heavier.  Their favored weapon is a mace, usually of some bright metal.  Any knowledge which covers elements they get for free and with a bonus.  They also get survival skill (or similar one) as a bonus skill.  At higher levels they become immune to one type of elemental damage.  (I would do around 15+.)

Clerics of Tymara are usually Chaotic Good or Chaotic Neutral.  They bare a symbol of a bright sun, usually woven into their robes.  Their temples often have much gold gilding and have griffons roosting in their towers.  Winged elves, griffons, all intelligent fliers (save dragons) and intelligent elementals may be followers of Tymara, though maybe not clerics.  Elves and humans are usually the most common clerics of Tymara.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Classes of Martapa Part 12

Clerics of Taniger:  Most Clerics of Taniger are dwarves, though there are humans and minotaur who follow him.  His clerics are charged with finding knew ideas for crafts and trades. But their greatest responsibility is healing dwarves on patrols or missions, along with fixing armor and weapons.  Their temples are always equipped with a blacksmith.  Clerics of Taniger get the blacksmithing profession for free with a class bonus, even though they might not normally.  Clerics of Taniger can use axes, war hammers, shields, and wear plate armor.

Their alignment should be Lawful Good, for if there was ever a God that followed the rules, it is Taniger.  Temple wear is that of a blacksmith, right down to the heavy leather apron.  Their symbol is a war hammer, and because Taniger favors the war hammer, most priests use a war hammer.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Classes of Martapa Part 11

Clerics of Pezuta: The Clerics of Pezuta are charged with spreading good luck, in the form of advice on how to handle ventures, since Pezuta only deals with good luck.  She often houses seers in her temples so people can receive their futures if they so choose.  Her temples are often huge, marble affairs with carvings of dancing joyous people.  Clerics of Pezuta can be found everywhere.  They dress in leathers, thus able to wear leather armor, often using as staff, dagger, or short swords. Once per day a cleric of Pezuta can call a mulligan and reroll any roll he wishes.  Clerics of Pezuta also get a bonus to perception, thieving abilities (which they can use as a thief) and use magical item.

Clerics of Pezuta bare a symbol of a gold coin with a ladies head upon it.  Alignment wise clerics can be chaotic good or chaotic neutral.  Some non-clerics that would follow her would be merchants, rogues and fortune tellers, though everyone has prayed to her one time or another.  She has no particular color, just bright and jubilant ones, except for those who specialize more in the thieving abilities.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Classes of Martapa Part 10

Clerics of Dasa: Clerics of Dasa are charged with breaking any innocent's heart, while gaining pleasure from the act and reveling in the thrill of the chase.  They also bring dark dreams, by use of spells and sweet words, to those around them.  Temples are often simple houses of ill-repute, though they do actually build temples to Dasa which are gaudy and impressive.  Clerics usually wear very little, though enough to just cover up the most important features, often in silks and sheer materials.  Because of this, they often have magical rings and bracers to give them armor.  They use daggers, get a bonus to persuasion as well as a bonus (+2) to Charisma.  Any spells are based off Charisma, not Wisdom.  The one exception is that Clerics of Dasa have a very limited spell list, mostly illusions and enchantments.  Other spells are very hard for Dasa's clerics to use, but can be done by using a  slot one level higher.

Clerics of Dasa bare the symbol of a black rose wrapped seductively around a red rose.  Colors are bright and colorful for their bright, sheer robes.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Classes of Martapa Part 9

Cleric of Lokar: Clerics of Lokar are charged with bringing dignity to death, bringing power to Dark Magic, and bringing appreciation of the night.  Few clerics of Lokar wander far from their temple, unless tasked with easing the death of a great hero or leader. They also often serve as the undertakers in villages.  Though respected, they are also feared because they deal with death.  Cleric of Lokar should gain all Knowledge skills, and gain a bonus in any thing where the anatomy of the body would give them an advantage.  Clerics of Lokar usually carry a sickle and wear cloth robes.

Clerics of Lokar are usually Neutral Evil, though they can be true Neutral as well, since death is neither good nor bad.  The image they wear is a black skull with green flames encircling it.  Their robes are black with silver trim. Non-clerics who would follow Lokar are vampires and liches, along with necromancers who do not follow Kahalla.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Classes of Martapa Part 8

Clerics of Kahalla: Clerics of Kahalla are to spread death and destruction, though the use of necromancy and power.  They are to work against the Balance and all the other Gods when ever they can.  His clerics are also to create chaos and create undead of any kind.  Clerics use small, ceremonial daggers as weapons, the better to draw blood for incantations. His Clerics should get all Knowledge skills as class skills, as well as diplomacy, perception and intimidation (based on Charisma, not Strength).  They can only wear cloth armor, and may carry staves.

If your system calls for alignment, Clerics are very chaotic evil, though some can be lawful or neutral evil.  The symbol of Kahalla is a skull with a sword through the top.  They always wear black robes lined with red.  Non-clerics would included really only Wizards of Shaniko.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Classes of Martapa Part 7

Clerics of Targon: Targon is the God of Magic, Arcane Lore and elves.  He is also considered the trickster God.  His clerics are supposed to spread the word about magic, how it works, and discover more arcane lore.  They wear only cloth armor, use staves, longswords, and daggers.  They should have access to all Knowledge skills, but have the regular "to hit" with weapons of a cleric.  They also have a goodly chance of using unknown magic items. They can use "detect magic" at will.  There is no limit, even if your system gives a limit for uses per day.

His avatar is a swashbuckler Wolf Warrior named Skaska Blademaster, an avatar he loves to be a lot of the time.  His symbol is a flaming, outstretched hand.  If your system has an alignment system then he is definitely Chaotic Neutral, as our his clerics.   Non-cleric followers include Warriors, wood elves, and mages.