Thursday, October 31, 2013


Happy Halloween to everyone!  I hope that everyone has a happy holiday and lots of fun with family and friends.  This time of year on Martapa the citizens celebrate All Gods' Day.  They dress up like what they believe the Gods look like, share feasts with friend and family and give small treats to children.  Sometimes there are contests to see who has the best costumes.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Cheetah Clan of the Akicitia

This small clan, only fifty individuals, lives close to the southern mountains of Ariella, about thirty miles away.  They live in underground dwellings that only partially poke out of the ground because it becomes colder during the winter here then in other parts of Ariella.  The communal storage area is in the center, with family dwellings ringing the storage area.  Around the village is a wall of logs to keep out predators which may wander by and evil humanoids which mean them harm.  Because they are so close to the mountains the village is able to have more wooden products and more berries and nuts then most Akicitia villages.  Trapping is also more prominent then in other Akicitia villages.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Tooyah, Elder of the Cheetah Clan

Tooyah, once a great hunter for the Cheetah Clan, is now well respected for his wisdom.  This light tan Akicitia elder, graying at the edges, has lost most of his fangs and can no longer run because he broke his right leg and it did not heal right.  Tooyah was a tanner before he was a hunter and then elder and still advises younger members how to tan in long lasting ways with brilliant colors when they dye.  Tooyah rarely tells others what to do, but he does give advice when asked.  He longs to hunt again, but knows this is not something he will ever be able to do unless someone with magic can heal his leg properly.  For now, he is content to help the Clan run smoothly and stay safe.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Writing Time and Life

I know I mention this a lot, but with how hectic my life is I feel it can't be emphasized enough.  If you truly want to write, if that is what you want to do, you've got to make time.  Let me list some things you can do to help you make sure you get some "butt in chair" time:

1) Carry a notebook everywhere.  What I mean is if you leave the house, bring a notebook.  Or smartphone, or something you can "write" on when the urge happens.  Doctor offices, kids sports or after school activities, even waiting in line.  The urge to write may just pop up and you may just have time.

2) Schedule time for you.  I say this often, and fail to follow through myself a lot of the time, but if you schedule that time for you, then maybe you'll actually get it.  Mine is after I drop my youngest off at school for anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour, depending on how busy I am.  My problem is I volunteer at school or sub for their aids so that time isn't always mine, but it's there if I happen to be home.

3) Get into a critique group.  Mine meets every two weeks (barring life).  We read five pages of what we're working on, share a dinner, and talk about the last few weeks events.  Not only do we force ourselves to write that way and get some feed back, we also get some adult time!

Happy Writing!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Wand of Purification

The water keepers of Tayke, though having magic of their own, also had the aid of a magical wand.  This wand, known as a Wand of Purification, could do several things.  The first was make sure water was free of any impurities, such as sand, bacteria, and diseases that might be in water.  Second, the wand could rid of any poisons, whether intentional or not, put in the water.  This took a long time and several "charges" of the wand.  The third and final ability was to locate the source of any contamination.  It did no good to clear the water if it would just become contaminated once again.  The wand has 50 "charges", but is special in the fact with each new week it would become renewed and will once again have 50 "charges".  Only the water keeper or his/her apprentices will use or keep the wand.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Well of Clear Water

In Tayke, protected by the water keeper of each generation, is a well of the purest water.  Because water is very precious in the east of Taina, the well is very important.  At the time of Tayke, before the time of the Chosen, this well kept thousands of people with fresh water.  After the fall of Tayke nomads, bands of survivors and animals would come to the well for water.  The well itself bubbles up into a basin of stone which is decorated with dragons and fairies.  Several of the stone carvings were broken in the time of the Chosen and by the time of the High King's Sword most are so warn it's hard to see which is which.  The water is always cool, clear and filling the basin, despite the time of year.  The magic upon the well and bowl are so strong that seeing them with a detect magic they glow brightly.  Many people, who do not know the history of Tayke, believe the well is magical and will grant long life, causing many to travel to the place in search of immortality.  There may be some truth to the stories, as there is magic upon the well and the people of Tayke did live a long time, but no one knows for sure.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Namiko, Keeper of Water

In Tayke, and the Island of Janesh, there was always a keeper of the water.  This person was in charge of finding and maintaining clean, good drinking water.  On Janesh this was an issue, because the island was surrounded by sea water, but there was very little fresh water so magic was need to ensure there was always plenty for everyone.  In Tayke, this wasn't so much an issue, but tradition continued.  Namiko was the last keeper of water, living until Shaniko came and smashed Tayke to the ground before the Time of the Chosen.  She took her duties seriously, maintaining the purity of the water through magic, teaching others to conserve the water when they could, and bringing water to those who lived far from a clean source.  She was training three apprentices when Shaniko came and destroyed Tayke, one of which escaped with all her manuscripts on water magic which had been passed down from the time the people of Tayke left their island of Janesh. 

Namiko and her books may be a good side adventure for mages or even druids who wish to clean the water or just perform water magic.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Chair of Warming

Since so many mages are also scholars, they spend a lot of time sitting in hard, wooden chairs.  Toran Silverwand was one of those mages.  But as he aged the wooden chairs got hard and his old bones easily got cold, so he devised a chair to keep him comfortable.  First he created a fine wooden chair, (he was a carpenter's apprentice when he was younger), then had his wife sew him nice, padded seats and back.  To this he added a spell to keep them perfectly preserved and clean.  (He had a tendency to spill food and drink while he worked.)  After that he added a warming spell to the cushions so they would warm him on those chilly days he was studying.  Though a simple, day to day magic item, Toran's idea took off and he was able to sell the idea not only to other mages and priests, but to nobles who also had to sit and do book work so many hours a day.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Floating Island

Floating off the western coast is a small group of boats tied together to make a small floating island of humanity.  There is only about forty people, but this small "island" is very self sustaining.  They fish to get meat, they have small green houses to get some greens, they trade fish for those things they can't make or grow and they trade items from one area to another to make some money.  Most of the people on the island are related, though they take on new blood now and again.  The "island" started out as a refuge from the fighting during the Mercenary Wars and never made a port home again.  They delight in the fact they are able to bring their homes with them.  They have a weather mage with them who warns them of storms or holds them at bay if they can't quite escape them.  They prize mages and druids because they keep the island safe and fed.  Everybody, even the smallest child, has a job on the island and they all know how to do it well.  Sometimes they take on passengers, but the island is slow and most people don't have the time to wait for such slow progress.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Shatterax, Dwarven Mercenary

Standing a tall four foot tall, Shatterax is broad even for a dwarf.  He's almost twice as wide as a human and all muscle.  His hair is a dark brown, braided to his waist both front and back.  He ties prizes from previous battles in his hair, usually little metal charms from his foes or barring that, finger bones.  He fights with a two handed axe which was enchanted by a mage friend of his to protect him from poison and give him strength, as well as give him a better chance to hit his foe with his weapon.  He dresses in mix of leather armor, mail armor and plate shoulders.  He doesn't talk much, only when he needs to, but is a good fighter and knows what he's doing.  He likes mages and priests, doesn't quite understand druids, but holds disdain toward Knights, not understanding the notion of fighting for glory instead of gold.  He will help anyone but Wizards, for a price, but has been known to do his own notion of charity on occasion.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The Village of Thunderstone

This small village on the east side of the Tsalagi Mountains is south and east of Goldleaf by about four days of hard travel.  Thunderstone is a farming village where people usually only gather during the evening to protect themselves from the wild animals and evil humanoids.  They farm corn, wheat and livestock which they trade with bigger cities for cloth and other items they can't make themselves.  The name of the village comes from a stone naturally found in the area that when put in water tends to explode.  The local lords use to come to take the stone for weapons, but now it is harder to find and people don't want to go to the effort.  The village has the unusual distinction of being under the protection of ogres who do not want the friendly healer, Sweetpea, to be harmed because she has helped them so much.  These ogres would be considered neutral or neutral good when dealing with them.  They do not take kindly to anyone, including other ogres, harming "their" human village.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Sweetpea, the Healer

Though barely five foot in height, Sweetpea is a large presence in her community.  This little healer uses the magic of Tinaka, the healer goddess, to heal all those in need.  She wasn't always such a kind and gentle soul, but a twist of fate led her to such a path.  When she was young she wanted to be a Knight, even though she was poor born and a woman, but she was severely injured trying to fight with her brothers.  A healer happened to be in the area and was able to save her.  After that she wanted nothing more then to help others with the magic of the gods.  She gives her help freely, helping humans and dark humanoids alike.  Even the ogres in the mountains nearby help her if she is in need for she has saved many of them from death with her magic.  They love her so much that they have even taken to helping the nearby village of Thunderstone, making for an unusual truce between ogres and humans.  No one will take kindly to Sweetpea being harmed or wronged and she will help anyone in need, though may ask for something for the village in turn.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Swords of Varanath

In the story I write about Sebastion and Noshi, Sebastion comes upon a magical sword which can be sheathed in flame while in battle.  In truth it is a standard sword issued to the mage blades of Varanath.  These blades, usually long swords, can be sheathed in flame when called upon.  They deal extra damage, especially if the person struck is in flammable clothing or armor, and do give off some light that a person could use to see by.  The also give extra defense to the wielder, almost like a magical shield which slows down the blades which are meant to strike them.  The blades have runes up the center, spelling out "Varanath's Flames of Protection".

In game terms they do fire damage (what ever you deem appropriate for campaign and level), are a +3 magical weapon, and if the first time a user is attacked a shield spell (or something similar) springs to life around the wielder for the spells duration.  Also the light given off is dim, so a person can't see very far with the light of the sword.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013


About three days ride north of Pathfinder and slightly off the King's Road is the village of Treetop.  This small village supplies a lot of lumber to the city of Pathfinder, along with furs and wild game.  The village holds about thirty families who bring in unmarried men during the summer to help speed along the harvesting of timber.  Timber is harvested in a planned manner, with trees being planted afterward, usually directed by a druid or logger who is well versed in how to get the best yield for the planting.  Trappers go out during the winter and in the fall game is taken to keep not only the village through the winter, but to sell in Pathfinder.  The people are friendly, but guarded at first.  They know the area very well and know what belongs and doesn't.  They also know where all the less used paths are and where water and game can be found.