Wednesday, November 22, 2017

The Vase of Katzu Part 10

The Vase of Katzu
The second door on left opens up into a library, who's contents are untouched by time.  The tables and shelves are dust free, the drapes, in perfect condition, are drawn back to let the light in and no critters scuttle from the light from the doorway.  No one, whether alive or dead, appear to be in here.

For the GM, the moment the group enters they will draw the ire of the master of the house.  He will not appear himself, but send his son to deal with the group.  They have a while to search the room before he enters.  Treat him like a vampire of slightly higher level then the group.  If you need more of a challenge, bring a few skeletons with him.  The master has left this room untouched because it is the one place he can remember being human and he comes here to relax when need be.  A single difference between these people and vampires is that sunlight does not affect them, (if that is a rule in your campaign), so the window being open will not hurt them.  Jarvis comes in here to dust on occasion and tidy up, as well.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

The Vase of Katzu Part 9

The Vase of Katzu
The first door on the left is a storage room, with shelves, coat racks, and even some brooms to sweep up after any messes.  A single skeleton, dressed in a shredded uniform, rises as the group enters.  But he doesn't attack, he simply extends his bony hand, his jaw working as if he is talking.

For the GM, this skeleton, though affected by the curse that grips all those killed by the family to feed their need for death and souls, the butler did not become a brutal killer.  He is forever devoted to his task of welcoming guests and making sure their gear is stored.  Though he can not talk, (since he's missing his larynx), he is ever polite, even if the group attacks him.  If there is a priest that puts him to rest, his soul will thank the group, tell them his name is Jarvis, and that most of the family has closeted themselves through out the building, only coming out to find some unfortunate soul in the surrounding area to keep them self alive an somewhat sane.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

The Vase of Katzu Part 8

The Vase of Katzu
The second door on the right is a smashed up parlor.  There are several skeletons in this room, strewn with broken furniture.  Mice scurry from the light, disturbing the skeletons, causing them to rise, weapons in hand.

For the GM this room has little in the ways of treasure, other then in a corner, under the floor board, is a small treasure one of the family hid from the others in one of his moments of clarity after the curse was brought upon them.  The skeletons are the same as the others, but they have breast plates that elude magic, giving them a +1 to armor. (Or the equivalent in your game.)

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

The Vase of Katzu Part 7

The Vase of Katzu Part 7
The first door on the right is locked, but once opened leads into a small study.  There is large, mahogany desk, bookshelves, beautiful tapestries, candle holders and fine rugs.  Strangely, they are all in fine shape, as is a young woman who wakes up at their approach from where she sits in the chair behind the desk.  She speaks at your entrance.

"You can not break the curse that father brought upon this family and killed the lovely city of Katzu without killing us all.  He always wanted too much.  If you don't, you will become our source of power or become part of the curse."  She pauses and sighs sadly.  "Or both.  I don't know which is worse.  I've lived too long like this.  I want it all to end."

For the GM, Sarah Katzu appears to be in her mid thirties, though clearly she is centuries old.  She is the youngest of five children born by Kasey Katzu and her husband Theodore Katzu.  They are the ones who brought about the curse to save their oldest son.  It only affected their oldest son, Sam, at first, but eventually the whole family was brought into the curse as the dark power grew.  Sarah will answer any question the party asks honestly, for she truly does want the curse to end and the natives to be able to reclaim their island without fear.

Monday, November 13, 2017

The Vase of Katzu Part 6

The door from the greeting room leads to a hallway which ends in a set of double doors.  There are two single doors spaced equally on each side.  All the doors seem to be intact.  When you go into the hallway the light stones come to life on their own, showing a hallway with a dusty carpet, niches with small statuettes, and broken furniture along with skeletons strewn along it's length.

For the GM, these skeletons are the same as those in the greeting room, but with no weapons to attack with, just claws.  The doors are all locked and are protected by strengthening magic, thus they can not just be busted in easily.  The statuettes are just what the collector is looking for and have a small taint of dark magic upon them from the curse.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

The Vase of Katzu Part 5

The Vase of Katzu
The greeting room is about ten by ten feet.  Strangely there are still rotting tapestries and furniture, along with two skeletons with long swords at their side and pikes still in hand.  They appear to have been attacked without giving fight and with their flesh gone, it's hard to say exactly what killed them.  There are some vases and other fine decorations, which if they are cleaned up, would be exactly what your patron is looking for.

For the GM the two skeletons are harder then normal skeletons, because of the curse, but they were killed by the royalty of the manor who had run out of people to kill for their life saving blood and souls.  The guards didn't know what hurt them and since they were not really affected by the curse before their death, but created as undead because of the way they died, they are only nasty, non-reasoning skeletons.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

The Vase of Katzu Part 4

The Vase of Katzu Part 4
The trip to the giant mansion in the middle of the ruins takes some time.  Small villages could fit in this building.  Strangely, no plant life has taken over the ruins and it seems to be completely intact, compared to the other buildings.  The main doors are a set of double doors and all the ground floor windows are shuttered, though some of the other floors have windows that are open.  The building is 3 floors tall.

For the GM this building has a curse upon it, as well as the people who once lived in the building.  In the later years of the city the leaders of the city were performing blood sacrifices of innocents to keep their youth so they could live for ever.  The manor will be filled with ghosts, undead and other creepy fellows.