Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Possession of the Mind

The ship wrecked off the coast of Taina was attacked by sea elves and mermaids that have been possessed by demons, who are in turn controlled by wizards.  They are hiding out in an underwater cave near the crash site and are trying to gain treasure and power so they can take over the nearby population and rule.  As the GM you can add the number of wizards, demons and elves as needed to make sure it's a challenge for your party.  The cave entrance is underwater, but the cave is good for air breathers.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Expanded Timeline for After Chaos (AC) Part 230

Year 230 AC
There is a clash of wills in Ariella.  The current leaders of Notitia want to expand the holdings of the country, while others want to stay where they are at with land holdings.  There is mostly a clashing of words, but there are some clashing of swords as well.

A ship goes down off the southern coast of Taina.  A survivor swears they were attacked by sea elves and mermaids and can not be dissuaded, despite the fact that these two groups have never worked together and sea elves normally don't attack ships.  There are expeditions sent out to search for the wreckage and attackers, but neither is found.

Monday, July 24, 2017

The Guards of the King

The female elf who stumbled into the human village was a guard for the prince's detachment of guards.  They were attacked and the prince was kidnapped.  He is a young man, but still untested and knows only a little magic.  The group that kidnapped the prince wants to ransom him not for money but for the king to abdicate the throne in favor of his cousin, who they support.  If a group were to follow the clues and rescue the prince they would find favor with the King of the Elves.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Expanded Timeline For After Chaos (AC) Part 229

A huge crop of berries in south western Taina not only helps with feeding the masses, but brings in wildlife.  Druids are called in to reroute bears and the like from villages so there are no confrontations.

A female elf stumbles out of the forest baring what is the signet of the King upon her body.  She can't remember who she is before she dies and the humans who found her can't find any elves to return her to. They hope someone with knowledge of elves will help them return her body so nothing bad befalls them.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

The Village of Star Thistle

The village of Star Thistle is being over run by ogres and their kin.  The villagers are not sure why, but when the ogres do attack they take off with a few supplies and a few people.  The village is unsure of the fate of the people.  They just want the ogres stopped so they can go on with their lives.  They have little they can give in return, but they hope some people will help them.  They have gathered 100 gold to give their heroes, and their rescuers are welcome to pick from the horses of the area.

For the GM the ogres and their kin are working for a necromancer who is holed up in a series of underground caves nearby.  The necromancer needs supplies to survive and people to try his dark magics on.  He has a stash of treasure and magic, but he also has a large army of ogres and their kin.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Expanded Timeline For After Chaos (AC) Part 228

A small village near Karoon is being attacked by ogres and their kin and plead for help.  Few want to make the trek for their are a poor village and have nothing of value.  But they hope for help, none the less.

The largest pod of whales ever seen is spotted between the Dwarven Islands and Taina.  They cause some shipping hazards and druids are brought on the sea voyages to talk to the whales so they don't smash the ships.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

The Ruins of Shar-Lin Part 9

The Library of Shar-Lin was a small retreat for scholars from Janesh.  They studied geology, botany, history, local magic and even the interactions of different groups of people.  The last Headmaster of Shar-Lin was a man named Kang.  He was happy, for the most part, but wanted more time to finish his study of the world.  So he researched a way to do so, coming eventually to the need to become a lich.  But he didn't want to rot away to a skeleton so he studied more, and found if he sacrificed other people, as well as a few other things, he would keep his body for the ages as well.  So he sacrificed all those scholars at the Library and shut the building up so he could continue studying through the ages.  Over the centuries he's gone slightly mad and can't be reasoned with.