Monday, January 15, 2018

The Vase of Katzu Part 22

The Vase of Katzu
The last floor is basically one huge room, with a bed to one side, a small study to the other and a sitting room in the middle.  Everything is in perfect condition and perfectly placed.  Sconces are filled with light, though it seems magical and not from candles are lamps.  The rugs are plush and a beautiful blue color.  Silks and thick tapestries decorate the walls, as do fine paintings and statues.  There are also vases very similar to the vase the collector had that sent the group on this adventure.
As the group enters, a man of refinement and older years looks up from his book.  He is handsome, even though he is older and he takes in the group like a cat might watch a group of mice.

For the GM I will do the master of the house's monologue tomorrow.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

The Vase of Katzu Part 21

The Vase of Katzu
The only remaining room on this floor, beside the stairs up, is the sitting room.  This room is large, covered in fine rugs and tapestries, sconces on the walls and filigreed lamps, many chairs and tables, art and books.  There are also several people occupying the room.

The occupants of this room all depends on where the group has gone.  Peter will be here if the group hasn't made much noise, there also may be other "children" here if the party hasn't fought them in other rooms.  Peter is three levels higher then the party and is a fighter/mage class on top of his "vampire" status.  There is quite a stash of fine art, old books, and gold objects to plunder. Peter will have some magical items.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

The Vase of Katzu Part 20

The Vase of Katzu
The last room on the left is actually a small library, though it is stuffed full of books, desks, melted candles and tapestries where there is room.  The windows curtians are wide open and there are several locked chests in the room.  There is some dust, but it's pretty well taken care of.

For the GM this is the small family library since the mistress and master wanted their children to be well educated.  The books are in good condition and have a variety of knowledge topics, so you can stick in what ever book you need the group to find, if you wish.  The chests hold alchemy items, writing items, (since paper is/was so expensive), and some small magical items.

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

The Vase of Katzu Part 19

The Vase of Katzu
The second room on the left is neat and dusty.  This room doesn't look as if anyone has set foot in the place for some time.  There are fine paintings and tapestries.  Book shelves line the walls, a desk sits to one side, ready for someone to come and do work at it, and chairs sit in a corner around a spinning wheel.  There is also the desiccated remains of a woman laying in the bed, which do not rise at your approach.

For the GM, this is the mistress of the house.  She did not want to take part in the "curse" and simply took a poison to kill herself.  She was dying, anyway, and was the reason that the master of the house gave in to the curse.  More information to come on this when we meet the master.

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

The Vase of Katzu Part 18

The Vase of Katzu
The first room on the left is large and covered in beautiful decorations.  Most of the decorations are in good conditions and the bed is properly made.  Sitting in one of the wooden chairs is a lovely woman, in her mid twenties, and she smiles large when the group enters.  She stands, brushes off the non-existent dust off her dress, then speaks.  "Father must be feeling generous today, sending such a large meal my way."  Then she attacks.

For the GM she is a few levels higher then the party average and does have magical jewelry to help with armor.  She's a mage of that level, not just a "vampire", so use her accordingly.  If this is the first room the group checks, she may be surprised (1 in 3 chance), but if they check any of the other rooms, she is not surprised at all.

Friday, December 22, 2017

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Merry Christmas to everyone!  With the coming of the new year and the hectic pace of holidays I'm taking a few days off until next year.  I hope you and yours have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

The Vase of Katzu Part 17

The Vase of Katzu
The third room on the right is bare.  There is no furniture or trappings, not even bones. There is a small scorch mark in the middle of the once fine carpets where there was an intense fire.

For the GM, this was the nursery of the two youngest children, one and three. The master, before the curse took him completely, wanted to spare the babies the pain of the curse so he killed them then burned all their belongings and them in a hot, magical fire, so he would not be burdened by his deed.