Monday, December 18, 2017

The Vase of Katzu Part 16

The Vase of Katzu
The second room on the right hand side has been ripped apart. Once fine furniture is busted into dozens of pieces. Silk drapes are in shreds.  Vases and sconces are smashed.  Blankets are strewn about, dotted with blood. The room holds many skeletons and rotted corpses, some of which come to life at your entrance.

For the GM this is one of the daughter's room who has gone completely insane. When the party begins to fight the undead, she will appear and attack the party.  She is slightly higher level then the party, but level can be adjusted as needed.  If they by-pass her room she is in the sitting room with her brother.

Thursday, December 7, 2017

The Vase of Katzu Part 15

The Vase of Katzu
The first door on the right is unlocked, but the door is shut.  Inside is a large sitting room with an adjacent sleeping room and a bathing room.  The doors for those rooms are wide open.  The room's furniture is in good shape, books sit on the tables as if in the process of being read, and lamps glow, illuminating the room.  There is a small chest to one side, which is locked.  The bathing room has a large tub, (big enough for two people to stretch out in it), and towels and rugs.  The bedroom has a well made wood framed bed, with lots of lovely blankets upon the bed, along with a clothing closet with clothes that are actually in good shape but centuries out of faashions.

For the GM, the occupant of this room, one of the sons, named Peter, is in the sitting room, at the moment, reading a book.  If the group makes enough noise he will come investigate.  The chest has some good, a few magic rings, and some books with spells. The lock is a medium challenging lock.

Monday, December 4, 2017

The Vase of Katzu Part 14

The Vase of Katzu
The second floor is just as large as the floor below.  This floor is clearly bedrooms and seems to be fairly dust free.  The hall way is very large and ends in an open sitting room.  The doors are closed, except for the one nearest the sitting room.

For the GM, most of the rest of the family are up here, though you can adjust the number as needed.  The only one not on this floor is the master of the family. He is up stairs, in the master suites.  There are six bedrooms, three of which have occupants.  Jarvis does come up stairs and dust and clean on occasion, so it's not to dirty up here.  There are some fresher corpses up here and a few live victims that have not been drained yet.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

The Vase of Katzu Part 13

The Vase of Katzu
From the kitchen one can reach what must have been a dinning or ball room.  There is door on the far side of the ballroom that leads to what appears to be a coach entrance, so guests don't have to come in through the house.  The ballroom is unlit and enormous.  Hundreds of people could fit in the room, easily.  There is not furniture, though there are a few broken tables and chairs here and there.

This is where the twin boys, Zac and Toren stay much of the time.  They have gone completely insane and seem to have lengthy conversations with skeletons, (which were once their betrothed ladies).  If the skeletons are attacked, (or just approached) or if they are attacked, they will attack back.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

The Vase of Katzu Part 12

The Vase of Katzu
The kitchen is trashed, though it appears that the hearth has been used recently.  All the pots and pans are cracked or thrown around the room.  There is no visible food, not even any rodents scurrying about.

For the GM, the hearth was used by one of the family members to roast one of their victims. If the group digs through the ashes, they will find human bones.  Those cursed usually just suck out the victims blood, but a few have taken to eating their flesh, as well.

Monday, November 27, 2017

The Vase of Katzu Part 11

The Vase of Katzu
The end of the hallway ends in a door, which is unlocked.  If opened, it squeaks only a little, and leads to a stairway on the left and a door to the right.  The stairs do not appear dusty and looks used, but it is hard to see as the stairs reach into the dark.

The stairs are a hazard. Though Jarvis has done a good job at dusting and keeping things clean, he has not been able to keep things structurally sound.  There are three steps to the next floor that will break if stepped on.  Roll a D6 for each person on each step to see if they fall through or at least get stuck until you have three broken (there are 16 steps total) or they make it to the next floor.  The door leads to a kitchen, which I will detail tomorrow.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

The Vase of Katzu Part 10

The Vase of Katzu
The second door on left opens up into a library, who's contents are untouched by time.  The tables and shelves are dust free, the drapes, in perfect condition, are drawn back to let the light in and no critters scuttle from the light from the doorway.  No one, whether alive or dead, appear to be in here.

For the GM, the moment the group enters they will draw the ire of the master of the house.  He will not appear himself, but send his son to deal with the group.  They have a while to search the room before he enters.  Treat him like a vampire of slightly higher level then the group.  If you need more of a challenge, bring a few skeletons with him.  The master has left this room untouched because it is the one place he can remember being human and he comes here to relax when need be.  A single difference between these people and vampires is that sunlight does not affect them, (if that is a rule in your campaign), so the window being open will not hurt them.  Jarvis comes in here to dust on occasion and tidy up, as well.