Thursday, March 31, 2011

Item: Message Box

  • Message boxes are also artifacts from the Great Mages of Tayke. With travel long and words often miss-remembered, the mages felt a need to rectify such things. The mages started with the simple knowledge that music and phrases could be impressed upon items. From there they developed a way to capture the image of the speaker using small illusions captured by magic. The long messages were the hardest. But after much trial and error they developed the magic box.

  • The box is usually a small cube made of jade or quartz (which can be used more then once). Tayke writing of who made it, fanciful pictures or seals are just some of the decorations that cover the faces of the palm sized box.

  • The message can be anywhere up to ten minutes long with a ghostly image projected from the box. Some use them for trade or treaties, others use if for messages to love ones. Some of the special ones allow questions to be asked of the illusion as well. But these type were far rarer then the others for the magic was harder to cast and required a very talented mage. When the magic is cast a person or people are specified and when they touch the cube the message activates.

  • Few of these boxes exist in the time of the High King's Sword and the ability to cast the messages has been lost to time. If one was found it would be worth a great deal of money. Or perhaps the box with its message is awaken with the touch of a member of the party! Now wouldn't that be fun to explain.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Expanded Time Line VIII

2158 PA (Post Avatar)

  • Dragons converge upon Varanath for the birth of a pair of twins to the Lord and Lady of the House. The two have red hair like their distant ancestor, Amber Blackwolf, and bare strong magic. The pair is named Amber and Richard and the dragons promise to protect them.

  • A harsh, magical storm attacks Weatherworn, but the Weather Mages manage to save the harbor and the boats. Investagations have begun to see who might have had the power or reason to unleash such a magical storm.

  • Magical storms rush across Ariella, mostly in the open plains. No explanation for this occurrence is found, either. Many people and livestock are lost.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Place: The Gold Mine Pawnshop

  • Pawnshops are very common in the bigger cities because people always need money and bigger cities always draw adventurers who need to rid of excess cargo or buy something on the cheap. And there are always people to provide those services who want to get rich. Darrell Woodsman is no exception.

  • The Gold Mine has been part of Bloodhelm for generations. It's been burned down, destroyed in a freak windstorm, and nearly run over by a team of run away horses. But still it survives. Darrell greats everyone with a warm, inviting smile. He'll listen to the stories of why they have to sell or where they got such items with just as big a smile. He speaks little, nodding his head when appropriate or sighing when needed to commiserate with the seller. But really he just wants to buy the item and send the person on their way. If a person is buying he will spend a good amount of time relaying what he learned of the item and where it came from, hoping to get more money for it.

  • Darrell's little secret, though, is he's a mage who specializes in charms. He doesn't use charm magic much, but if there is a particular item he wants but doesn't want to spend the money to get it he will charm the person to give him a good price. (He wont' send them away with no money, for the guards might arrest him for theft.) No one has caught onto the scheme, but there has been grumblings amongst adventurers that things are just not right.

  • Most items can be found here (GM discretion, though) and Darrell will buy for around 40% of list price (unless he is charming, then it's probably 10 to 20%) and will sell for around 70%, because he trying to undercut the Treasure Hunter. Tomorrow: Expanded Time Line

Monday, March 28, 2011

Character: Master Sinigan

Master Sinigan is one of the big background players of my books. He's the headmaster of the Temple of Catiana in Stormvale, the biggest temple in all Martapa. He is also visited and tasked by the God Targon, himself, at the beginning of the first book to find the High King and the "High King's Sword". He is the son of two Priests of Catiana and it was inevitable that he, too, would become a priest of Catiana. He loved magic and the idea of justice and the Balance in all things even at a young age. He worked his way up through the ranks of faithful, groomed for ten years to lead the order of Catiana. At the age of 34 he became the youngest Master in several centuries. He wants to return the world to the Balance and to remain safely in his temple, studying. Sinigan is human, about fifty five years of age, five foot eight in height, and about two hundred and ten pounds. He is heavy set, with a small paunch that has come with age, and broad shoulders. His face is round, tending toward the cherubic. His is pale, with a remnant of light freckles. His eyes are brown, round and deeply set. His brown hair is graying, but short. Sinigan wears the dark blue robes of his order with sturdy, short boots, utilitarian belt and knife. He usually carries a staff that is for show only, though he is trained in its use. He is a patient man, but if he does get agitated he become quiet animated. He is open and friend, though tough against rule breakers. He has a good sense of humor but always strives to be the best priest for Catiana he can be. For use in your campaign if they meet him before the High King's Sword, he is harried and could use help getting supplies, finding people, or saving someone. After the High King's Sword, he could need help with those things, but might be able to offer healing on a regular basis or be the Master of one of the player characters. Tomorrow: The Goldmine Treasure shop

Friday, March 25, 2011

Item: Ghostly Servant

Ghostly servants are the exclusive property of the great Tayke Mages. They can be found in ruins of Tayke east of the Tsalagi Mountains and in a few places in Empire. No one in the modern era has been able to duplicate them, but if they are found they are highly prized, though hard to move from their location.

A ghostly servant is just that, a specter which can cook, clean, sew, chop wood, play music, etc. They have to be relatively simple tasks (no making a banquet for three hundred or creating a sonnet) but ones they can do well once programmed. The Tayke used them for outposts so they didn't need as many people and in their libraries and places of learning for the same reason.

A ghostly servant is bound to an object, usually a small statue of a person doing the said task (so a cook stirring something, a man with a wood hatchet, a weaver at her loom). They are porcelain in most cases, though jade versions have been found, so few have survived into the current age. Some thought a soul was bound to the item, but the Tayke mages would never do such a thing. They were peaceful people and so some scholars believe the Tayke mages shaped the servants from the very weave of magic itself. This is a feat that none can duplicate (or think of how to duplicate) now.

Ghostly servants must stay within fifty feet of their statue or simply disappear to reappear near their statue some hours later. As long as the servant has supplies in an area they will continue to create/make/do what ever they are tasked to do, on what ever time table they are on forever.

Finding one is a rare find and worth a small fortune to some richer nobles or collectors, depending on what the servant does. Let me caution you, as a Gamemaster, to not put one of these in unless you have a good reason. The PC's have to find a Tayke ruin that hasn't been picked over and then find an intact statue. I would perhaps use this as flavor text when the party visits somewhere, as if they owner of such place has been lucky enough to find one.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Expanded Time Line VII

2157 PA (Post Avatar)

The High King's son and wife are found by a group of adventurers. He bestows Knighthood upon them. Those responsible are put to death. A Wolf Warrior appears soon after and states he is the protector of the boy. He goes by the name of Skaska.

Shipping along the west coast is hit hard by a group of pirates calling themselves "The Black Blades". They steal the cargo and kill the crews, or hold them for ransom depending upon who's on board. Calabay sends out a fleet to take care of the pirates but has problems finding them.

The Akicitia and allies turn back the Empire, killing over three legions of men. The Empire retreats, but poisons wells and land as they do so. The shamans of the villages are busy trying to fix the damage and ask for help from the mages of the north.

Tomorrow: Some cool item

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Place: The Treasure Hunter's Pawnshop

Placed near the brothels and the Temple of Sircarius, this is the destination of all great treasure hunters and adventurers in need a little cash after their last foray out into the wilderness. The building is small, maybe twenty by twenty feet, but big enough for the proprietor, Temple Shortstalking, to show his newest and ever changing wares. Temple is a rare kind, being half human/half dwarf. He's the size of dwarf, but has the lithe build of a human. He keeps a fairly short beard, but his hair of black he keeps braided long like many dwarves tend to do.

The building itself is made of wood, with a few windows which are bared on the outside, (Temple has had a few robberies so he is slightly paranoid about his stuff), two rooms inside, and a heavy outer door reinforced by magic. There is one large room for holding all the items he buys and then resales and a small office which is locked at all times and has magic wards upon it so only he (or someone who knows the password) can get in. This is where he keeps his money as well as any magic items or special items he doesn't want to put out on the floor.

Temple will take most anything, but pays only about 20% of the actual value, then sales them for around 80% of value. This makes him very unpopular in some circles, but there are few pawn shops which will take everything that Temple will. Because he is not particular about what he buys, there is a 10% chance that magic items may not work, may not have all the charges he says, or may not even be what he says they are.

Temple has hired a pair of large, burly ex-mercenaries who take turns watching him and his shop. He has one with him at all times for he fears for his life. Mostly such fear is made up, since few really want to do him harm, but there are few customers who feel jipped by Temple and would like revenge upon him.

You can use this place after your players have had a good haul to sell stuff if they haven't made it good with the other pawnshops. The players can earn his trust over time to increase how much he pays them, but it will take time. Most anything can be found here, including rare spell components, but there is a good chance that they may or may not be what they are actually looking for or that they may not even work. Buyer beware.
Tomorrow: Expanded time line

Monday, March 21, 2011

Character: Stormchaser

What, a horse you say? That can't be an important character, even a minor one. Sounds silly doesn't it, but Stormchaser is an important part of the story and Tarkil's life. Sure Tarkil outwardly considers Stormchaser just his mount, but the events that lead Tarkil to acquiring the stallion is a telling part of how Tarkil really is.

Stormchaser is a 17 hands high black stallion with a beautiful arching neck, long mane and tail which Tarkil refuses to cut and a single deep scar which runs along his right flank. He does not like to be handled by anyone but Tarkil and Master Cardon, the stable master, but will put up with such treatment if Tarkil says it is okay. He loves treats of any kind and running free for miles on end if he could.

The story behind Stromchaser is he was once Raphael's horse, being broken for the purpose of riding, but Stormchaser never liked Raphael much. Raphael was going to kill him when his father stated killing such things was below him and that Tarkil would take the undisciplined horse off his hands. Lord Ikaris had noticed how much Tarkil had been wanting the horse and how many times Tarkil had jumped forward to stop Raphael from harming the horse during its training.

There was an instant bond, two loners in the world together. Stromchaser is truly the one thing in the whole world Tarkil cares about. It gives Tarkil heart, even if he doesn't want to show it to the world.
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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Item: Spear of Moonshade

The Spear of Moonshade is an artifact from before the War of the Gods. Presented by the God Targon to Moonshade, the first female leader of the Wolf Clan, the spear is impressive yet simple. The wood is a stout oak, strong and sturdy like the woman herself. The spear head is made of platinum and etched with magical runes. On command the spear can crackle with lightning which doesn't harm the user, but makes it look impressive.

The spear works as normal, either for stabbing or throwing, but it has a long haft so is not really meant for throwing. It can also double as a quarterstaff because it is made of such a stout wood. There are several special properties laid upon it. One, it uses magical lightning. On command, or when the user becomes anger or agitated, lightning will appear crackling about the weapon. The lightning does 1d6 + (level of the user) worth of damage on a successful hit. The weapon also acts as a +5 weapon, giving a bonus against one particular creature the user particularly in hate. (In Moonshade's case it was ogres.).

The weapon also protect the user from foul magic (giving the user a +5 to their save versus magic) and against poison (+5 versus poison) if the user is holding the weapon when attacked by such things.

Targon is particular on who can use this weapon. He has been known to take it and hide the spear if he doesn't like the person in possession of it, even though he is not supposed to meddle in the affairs of mortals. It is rumored he loved Moonshade deeply and this is why he does such things.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Expanded Time Line VI

2156 PA (Post Avatar): The High King's son and his wife are kidnapped. It is unclear who has taken them, but both the Black Wizards and a group calling themselves the "True High King" have claimed responsibility. The High King has sent out his best mages and knights to find them, offering rewards to who ever might find them alive and whole, or even information leading to where they might be.

The Warrior College in Pathfinder is beset by a strange malady which lays low many of their instructors and students. The place quarantined and no one is let in or out. Supplies are brought in by magic, mages standing outside the gates and lifting them through the gates with magic, causing them to tire quickly. Several priests of Tinaka have entered the campus to determine what might be wrong.

The pass between west and east through the Tsalagi Mountains is closed because of a landslide for three months. During that time items from the east are two to three times their normal price. Many medical herbs that only grow there become scarce, worrying the Priests of Tinaka.

The Akicitia and their allies begin to push back the Empire, causing the Empire to send out more troops, including more of their chariots and horses along with their battle mages. The devastation is great, but the Akicitia continue to fight back.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Place: The Featherbed

Near the docks, this place was originally a fine inn for incoming people on both boat and on foot (when Bloodhelm wasn't so big). The building is made of hard woods which were dragged in from quite a distance, the base finished with imported lava rock. The windows are large, the porch lined with stout colonnades and inviting front door carved with ivy and flowers.

The downstairs has a large dinning room, a huge kitchen and private dinning rooms. The rugs and wall hangings are old, but fine made and imported from Tayke when the House still stood. Upstairs the rooms each have a sleeping and sitting room. Beautifully, hand carved chairs and furniture with the ivy and flower theme fill the rooms. Curtains of velvet are hung on stout rods with ivy decorating both. Porcelain water basins and pitchers along with wooden wardrobes finish the rooms.

The only change since its founding is that now it is a brothel for the upper class. Dinner is served at all hours, as are the girls and men who work here. The prices are spendy. One dalliance might cost up to 50 ducats for mere hours. The owner of the Featherbed is Lindsey Dancer and her husband Donald. Donald inherited from his father, but he doesn't take as much interest in running the business as Lindsey. He would rather work on his carving then work in this line of work. Lindsey sees the business runs well, watches out for her girls, because they are a business assets, but is just to quick to let them go if they aren't working out.

Perhaps your players have need of a wand or staff carved for a magic item. Donald is one of the best carvers in Bloodhelm and works for reasonable prices.
Tomorrow: Expanded Time Line

Monday, March 14, 2011

Character: Liam

Liam is one of Tarkil's "friends" he is forced to pal around with to learn about the noble Houses and where they stand. It isn't one of his most favorite things, but he doesn't mind Liam too badly. Liam is the son of a noble House Taladian in Bloodhelm. He loves booze, loose women, and lots of gold ducats. He doesn't want to train as a Knight and figures he will be well provided for by his father because he is a second son. He never thinks beyond the moment and takes what he wants.

Liam is human, twenty two years old, six foot tall and two hundred and twenty pounds. He is muscular with broad shoulders and trim waist. His face is blocky and square, his complexion pale. His blue eyes are narrow and his sandy blond hair is kept neatly trimmed in a short pony tail at the base of his neck, as is the style.

He wears the latest trend, simply because he doesn't want to lose any standing in the circles he runs in. He loves his floppy hat with giant feather, sword at his hip, and rings of untold wealth upon his fingers.

Liam is callous to those below him, pandering to those above him, and jovial with those he considers equal to himself. He is always looking out for his own good, never the noble House he is sucking off of.

Liam loves to gamble in seedy places (he thinks it's exciting) and maybe the PC's find him here. They could also have a bad run in with him, such as they won't move at a tavern for him or they are blocking his way down a roadway. He thinks he has a lot of pull, but if he is truly in the wrong his father might very well side with your players.
Tomorrow: The Featherbed

Friday, March 11, 2011

Book Review: Side Jobs

I love to read as much as I love to write. My father turned me on to "The Hobbit" when I was nine and I haven't stopped since. Because of my first encounter with fantasy/sci fi I'm sort of a fantasy nut...

My recent read was "Side Jobs" by Jim Butcher. This is a collection of short stories set in his world of the Dresden Files. If you haven't read these books, start at the beginning with "Storm Front". The Dresden Files themself are about a wizard detective in modern day Chicago that has some issues of him own, but has to be the white knight when it comes to innocents against the dark underworld of magic.

Personally, I've never liked mixing modern with magic, but Butcher does this combination very well. He makes the reasons for more people not knowing about magic or accepting it very plausible. And he adds quirks to everyday things that make you think.

But if you just want a sampling of his work, "Side Jobs" is a good one. The book contains 11 short stories set in his world, usually ones he's written for compilation books. The last one is a set after his last novel, "Changes" and I don't suggest you read this last short without reading the series from start to finish for it gives a lot away.

My favorite short in here is "Day Off". This is where Dresden, our hero wizard, might actually have some time to himself, but the world is out to get him. Instead of relaxing as he means too he goes from one hilarious catastrophe to another. Though Butcher does use a lot of humor to add to the horrific things Dresden gets into, this one is especially funny.

Though Dresden is the main character, and Butcher puts a lot of time an effort into him, he has very three dimensional support characters. His police friend, Karen Murphy, as one of the other characters describes as "small, but fierce", is a good example. She is up to her eyebrows in the paranormal and would back Dresden to the end, despite not wanting to believe what she sees. She is stead fast and wants nothing more then to be a good cop for Chicago. Butters is the morgue person/Dresden's doctor. He isn't meant for action, can't believe half of what Dresden tells him, but is always happy to help. (In this world technology doesn't mix well with magic and thus Dresden never wants to go to the hospital when he gets hurt...which happens a lot.) And my personal favorites are Mouse and Mister. Mister is a house cat with an attitude that is the size of a bobcat, at least. And Mouse is a giant, gentle dog who is intuned with magic (think those special Chinese dogs) and has a personality all his own.

Though I would have liked to have more stories, this is a good read, with good tension, good plots for such small stories, and good character development. I would recommend anyone looking for a good modern fantasy read to take a look at Jim Butcher's Dresden Files and this collection of short stories.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Expanded Time Line V

2155 PA (Post Avatar): The High King is blessed with a son, who is destined to be the lord of all Tridon. Named Varalan, he is a healthy lad and the High King plans celebrations through out the whole year. There are rumblings about the legitimacy of the heir since the High King's wife was of common stock.

A logging dispute erupts in the Tsalagi Mountains west of Willowdale. Loggers from the west and east sides are trying to harvest the same stand and each side claims they own it. Troops are sent, skirmishes ensue, but nothing is resolved.

The Priests of Aiyana go into seclusion for some unnamed reason. Requests to have prayers answer go unheeded. A rumor surfaces that Aiyana's most treasured Devoted was killed and that she is in mourning.

The Akicitia who went to the Empire's capital are executed in public. At the same time troops kill an entire tribe of Akiticita near the expansion area. In retaliation the Akicitia and the elves of the area strike the troops at the front down, killing most of the troops. The Emperor is set on sending more troops and settlers right away but his council suggests caution.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Locations: The Harpy

I seem to be on a brothel kick, but believe it or not I have every building figured out in Bloodhelm. (Before it ever became a story location I led my husband, sister, and a good friend around my world and so I had to have this all figured out.) So this week I'm going to discuss the Harpy.

The Harpy is right next door to The Mermaid (Bloodhelm's fathers wanted to keep all this sort of activity in one place. Easier to patrol and manage.) But unlike the Mermaid, the Harpy is in disrepair, the porch has one hole in it near the door which has never been fixed. The rooms for the girls are small, the roof leaks and the interior is very dim and uninviting. But the atmosphere isn't why people come.

The Harpy is the original Brothel of Bloodhelm. It's had many names, many owners, and many problems. As other brothels moved in the Harpy has gone down hill and the owners never want to put money into the building or keeping up on the interior. The current owner, a half ogre named Snot Axeblow cares for little but the money. He hordes it like any dragon, lives a good life compared to his girls (and one man), and doesn't really care what his customers do to his workers. If the coin is good enough he'd let someone be killed.

The workers are never allowed to leave. Food and clothes are bought for them. They are not given any money, though they are promised it before hand. There have been attempts to tell the authorities, but those who patrol this area are easily bribed. The rooms are small, holding only a bed and a clothes chest, a mirror and a wash basin.

The woman range from human to a few half ogres. (As a side note, some half-ogres look very human, but have only a few traits that mark them as half-ogres.) Only paying customers are allowed in.

So the PC's, if evil, could find themselves here for a bit of fun. If they are leaning toward good or neutral, maybe they are asked to save one of the woman by a family member. Maybe an upright guard actually asks them to look into the situation and promises a reward.
Tomorrow: Expanded Time Line

Monday, March 7, 2011

Character: Lady Jessica Draedon

The Lady Jessica is just mentioned in the first chapter with Tarkil. She is preparing to have a grand ball where all the nobles will come and be entertained. But in the world of nobles, balls are very important social gatherings and full of political maneuverings. Lady Jessica loves putting on balls and if anyone needs to know anything, she is the lady to go to. She knows gossip before it happens.

Lady Jessica is the current lady of noble House Draedon. She loves to throw balls and celebrations for the most outlandish of reasons. She loves to play politics, pitting one noble House against another. Her marriage was arranged and there certainly isn't any love there, but she puts her best foot forward for the best of her children and her new noble House.

Lady Jessica is human, forty three years of age, five feet tall and just over a hundred pounds. She is thin and willow like, almost bony. Her face is oval with skin which is beginning to show sags and crows' feet which she tries to hide. Her complexion is porcelain white for she rarely goes in the sun. Her snow blond hair is starting to gray, which she tries to hide with magic and dye.

Lady Jessica always wears the latest styles in the colors of black and blue or brown and black. She only wears slippers of silk and never rides. She only rides by carriage. She giggles, despite being 43, and this makes people drop their guard around her. This is how she gets so information and dirt on people. She is a nasty woman when she wants to be and she always wants her way.

Your party of adventurers could have some gossip for her. They might be hired to find something for her (a rumor or magic to help her look younger). They could even be hired by a rival to take her out (if your party happens to be evil). Or maybe they are invited to one of her balls!
Tomorrow: The Harpy Brothel

Friday, March 4, 2011

Item: Trinket of Beauty

These items are common among nobles, though they really don't do anything in the way of true value. They are usually a small, decorative comb worn in the hair as a decoration. They can be made from everything from ivory to jade, carved with fanciful creatures or flowers. The size depends on the person but is usually is no bigger then the palm of her hand.

The primary purpose of this item is to give the woman a glow, magically hiding some of their physical flaws like chapped skin, zits, upturned nose, etc. It is just a minor magic and only lasts as long as the comb is in the hair of the woman.

In game terms, this gives the woman a +2 to the Charisma. It's not a strong magic, but enough to make a young, noble woman feel better about herself in the presence of her peers. They are usually around 50 gold ducats and are common in the bigger cities that have magical shops.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Expanded Time Line IV

2154 PA (Post Avatar) The elves of Qalataqa send an emissary to Stormvale to remind the High King of the connection of all the races. The High King accepts their gifts and knowledge, exchanging gifts as well. Things are going well when the head of the elven delegation is killed. The High King calls for help on the investigation as the the elves cry for justice.

Gypsies are killed in Karoon by the citizens of the city. They blame the gypsies for the plague which swept through Tridon. Such incidents arise all over Tridon. The gypsies go into hiding for they are not a violent group and do not wish to cause more trouble.

The Akicitia send a delegation to the capital of the Empire to stop the expansion of the Empire. They are imprisoned on arrival, inflaming the Akicitia to attack expansion settlers. The Akicitia do not kill if they do not have to, but allow the people to go. The soldiers they do not kill they imprison, though. The Empire sends large units after the Akicitia, but the skirmishes become epic and the Empire finds its self at a stand still.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Place: The Mermaid Brothel

The open secret in most cities is there is always a brothel of some sort. Tridon society doesn't encourage brothels, but they haven't outlawed them either. In far flung posts, sometimes moral is boosted by the presence of brothels, and by not outlawing them, the House can tax them. Win, win for everyone. Most brothels keep a healer on hand to keep the women disease free, but not all brothels are so well kept. If your campaign has rules for such diseases, feel free to use them on your careless PCs if they frequent such places.

The Mermaid in Bloodhelm is currently owned by Shayla Tidewater. Her grandmother bought the business from some other woman of the night and made it her own. Shayla, nor her mother or grandmother, ever were one of the "girls" but she treats them well. She gives them half the cut and makes sure they are well fed, well cared for, and well protected. She currently has fifteen young women under her care, most human though she has a half elf in the mix. The crazy thing about Shayla is that after a certain age she figures her girls should be married and carrying on a family so she looks for nice "gentlemen" to marry her girls. Most arrangements work well and the girls always come back to thank Shayla (or in the past her mother and grandmother). Some of her girls' children even come back to work under such conditions.

The Mermaid a stout, square building with three floors near the docks and kitty corner from the temple of Sircarius. The first floor is flamboyantly decorated with rugs, wall hangings and fine furniture. Here the girls are dressed in lovely, but seductive dresses and await their gentleman callers. Food and beverages are available. There are the men who simply like to have a meal with a lovely lady and are willing to pay the extra gold with the meal for such company.

The second and third floors are the girls room where they take their gentlemen friends. Shayla lets the girls decide if they will service a man or not or how far they are willing to go. Shayla will not take abuse of her girls, even from nobles and has several very burly men who watch over her girls. She fears no retribution from the nobles because she is protected by none other then Lord Kredoc who use to frequent the place in his youth.

For your party this could be a place to get information about the House members or other nobles. It could be a place to relax and and spend their gold. Perhaps one of the party is the daughter or son of one of Shayla's girls. Or maybe they just need a tumble. What ever you want!
Tomorrow: A Bit of History