Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Extended Time Line 40

2190 PA (Post Avatar)
The Temple to Wesa in Cole is found desecrated and all the priests murdered. The Master of the Temple to Wesa in Stormvale asks for the perpetrator to be found. Assassins with concealing magic are assumed and the only clue is a single bloody dagger with a snake upon it.

A dragon appears in Merryweather with the birth of the heir. She blesses the child and reminds the Knights of their vows before disappearing once more.

Jessica of House Gold leaf becomes Leader. Many of the Knight's Council and Leader's Council object. But Jessica is the oldest and her father named her heir. An inquiry begins to see if she can be the legal heir.

The Knights Tournament in Stormvale attracts people from all over the world. Stormvale is packed and people win and lose fortunes betting on events. Nothing bad happens and the Leader's Council calls it a success.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Inn of Storms

The Inn of Storms is a quaint, newer inn, though meant for the average traveler. The owner of this three story inn, Beth Simplestone, is a half-elf who was simply charmed by the place her human mother had come from. She loves to cook and thus the fair is always fresh and delicious, but at a reasonable price. She also loves to talk and thus has all sorts of rumors to share.

The tavern has three fire places, which helps warm the upper levels, and can seat about forty. Beth doesn't usually hire a bard but will allow one to play for tips. Rooms are small, housing two people and their gear, though there is a suite which will house six people.

The stables can house twenty horses and three wagons, food available for purchase. The Firestone brothers, two dwarves who came to Bloodhelm and never left, feel very protective of Beth and won't let anyone push her around. If the two bounces feel she's in harms way their axes might start speaking for them.

Monday, December 26, 2011


Though not someone who comes into my stories until the third book , I personally like Hideo. I picture him as a wise, old Chinese man, right down tot he grey fu-man-chu. He wears highly decorated robes to denote his station and speaks softly and gently.

Sent by the leader of the Janesh to find a suitable place to relocate the Janesh people, he found himself in Ariella studying the people of Ariella long before there was an empire or even the Kingdom of Tridon.

He was the leader of Janesh's friend and right hand man, along with Janesh's official Historian. He loves to study new languages and people, especially their histories.

If the PC's meet him he will have a good conversation with them and pick their brains if he has never met someone of their race.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Imps are small, humanoid creatures no more than a foot tall with scorpion tails. They are red, green, or black in color with big beak noses, large, pointy ears and a vaguely human form. They are very resistant to magic, can cast fire spells and fear their enemies. They can also paralyze a person with their touch if they so choose. Wizards use them as familiars often since they confer their resistances to their partners.

They speak demon languages as well as mortal languages and can teleport themselves short distances, though not others. They also have a poisonous sting they deliver with their tails. They live solitary lives, but come together once a year to mate and exchange information. Imp children are raised by their mothers for about ten years then are full grown adults. These creatures can live up to 5 decades.

The power of the imp is determined by color. The green are the weakest, red the strongest. Length of paralizations and fears, strength of poisons, and the resistances to magic is determined by their colors.

Monday, December 19, 2011


Most temples are set up with the same hierarchy. There is a Master of the Temple and his assistant. Depending on the temple, the titles may differ. Beneath him or her is the Council of Masters, consisting of all the Masters of the temple (which there can be any number of depending on location and size of the temple). Beneath the council are the journeymen who teach the classes and herd the initiates. Usually to become a Master a task is set before a journeyman, dependent on the God the temple is dedicated to. Below them are the initiates who have two years of intense study and devotions.

All the temples of a single god have a Master Council, made up of all the headmasters of that faith's temples. Then the grandmaster, who is picked by all those temples, is part of the Grand Council of Masters made up of all the temples to all the Gods, that meets every ten years.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Extended Time Line XXXIX

During the Winter solstice sightings of Gods in their temples around Martapa are observed. Priests make pilgrimages in hopes of seeing the Gods themselves.

The legendary thief, Lightfingers, the man who stole the crown jewels from the High King's bedroom itself, is caught. His execution is set for Summer solstice and promises to be quite the affair.

The Akicitia come together for a grand gathering int eh sacred location known only to the Akicitia and thought to be where Sarjon and Catiana brought them into being. Thousands make the trip. No outsiders are not allowed to witness such events.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Temple of Sarjon and Shade in Bloodhelm

The Temple of Sarjon and Shade is more a military compound then a temple. The structure is simple, but effective. The columns are uncarved, just smooth marble, the murals of men and women fighting great battles. The building is 3 stories, upper story is the barracks, the basement is for storage, and the classes and temple itself is on the 1st and 2nd floors, with outdoor maneuvers performed in an outside arena of sorts. Each exit is covered by two armed priests who are in full battle regalia. Classes are offered on strategy, arms, and weapon/armor making to both the public and the clergy.

Each priest is required to travel as a mercenary for a year, either alone or with other initiates, before they become a full priest. This is so they can use their worldly experience for better strategy and be a better priest of Shade or Sarjon. Healing is offered to followers of Shade and Sarjon, but to any who have proven themselves in battle as well. Donations are expected, though the amount given is dependent upon the wealth of the individual.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Timothy of Noble House Dumatri

Timothy of noble House Dumatri, the second son, and thus set to be the captain of the guard or the head of the merchant business is a pretty ordinary man. He is certainly handsome, with his dark curly hair and vibrant blue eyes, but he has little ambition to do much, except to marry Chelsea of noble House Merlinous.

He spends most of the time training with sword, learning history and figures and hunting with a select few with Tarkil Bloodhelm. As much as he hates politics he does enjoy these outings as time to let loose, out from underneath their father's thumbs.

Timothy also likes to relax at the Rolling Rooster tavern which Tarkil recommended. If he is there he will happily play cards or share a drink with player characters. He'll listen to tales, hit on any women in the party with abandon, and tell tales of his own.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Extended Time Line XXXVIII

2188 PA (Post Avatar)
Children disappear from a village near Cole. There is no sign of the perpetrator, so magic is assumed. A hefty reward is offered by the Lord of Cole and many come to find the children.

The seas produce a surprise. A giant sea horse, the size that could be ridden, is found in some fishing nets. Mages and scholars rush to the site to study the find.

House Pathfinder opens the Warrior College, mean to not only train Knights and troops, but mercenaries and bodyguards as well.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Dragon's Fire Square

Dragon's Fire Square in Devonshire is where the Knights of Tridon made their last stand against Shaniko's minions to be saved by the appearance of Fire Flash, the dragon, and the Chosen. Used as a celebration spot and sometimes as an open air market just near the eastern gate, the square is dominated by a huge platinum dragon statue (made of bronze and overlaid with a sparkling blue paint wash) with it's wings outspread toward the heavens. Children love to clamour over it and pretend he is real, soaring off into the sunset or battling bad guys.

Monday, December 5, 2011


Lee starts my High King's Sword novels and doesn't appear in any more, though her life touches the "Sword" more then once during the novel. A seer from a young age she tried to live a normal life, hiding her talent and marrying her sweetheart. After awhile of living in Devonshire her talent shown, saving the major and his family. As her daughter grew she was visited by royalty and peasant alike so they may know their future.

When her husband died she took to selectively picking her clients, because too much grief surrounded her. When her daughter and son-in-law died and left her their daughter her grief was suddenly eclipsed by the joy of her young granddaughter Margaret so close in her life.

Lee, in her fifth decade, is a tall woman standing five foot six inches. A frail looking woman, she is quite agile and fit. She keeps her grey hair in a bun, wears plain, but serviceable skirts and blouses and loves her knitted shawls. Lee speaks softly and speaks her mind. Her visions come when they want but she can also call the vision forth.

A GM may be able to use her as a plot tool, to turn his players in the right direction, but do so with caution. You never want to tell the players where to go, just guide them softly.

Thursday, December 1, 2011


Shapechangers, or shapeshifters, are both a group of people and an ability made possible by magic. The first are comprised of mainly werecreatures, though some magical creatures, such as fairies, can also shift forms. The other is mostly comprised of mages and druids, though Priests of Wesa can change via magic.

Natural shapechangers can do so as often as they wish, though each change takes about 30 seconds, is usually only 1 or 2 shapes, and can be very painful. Magic shape changers must cast a spell or call upon their god to do so. This takes time, has a limited duration, and can only be done so many times a day. This transformation is normally not very painful and can be any living creatures shape, though it can not be a creature more then 3 times their normal size or 1/3 their normal size.