Thursday, July 30, 2015

Feats of Martapa Part 3

Bonded Mount
Allows you to have a special mount.
Prerequisites: Clan Warrior, Knight, Griffon Rider or by special permission of the GM and level 5.
Benefits: This allows for a 5th level Clan Warrior, Knight, Griffon Rider or special character to have a mount that is a little more above and beyond the normal mount.  The mount, which should be approved by the GM, will have above normal Intellect, be able to mentally communicate with their rider, (which may be spoken language or just mental pictures), and have extra abilities.  I would use the abilities for a Druid Animal Companion in Pathfinder, without the shared spells but with the Paladin's ability to call mount. The mount will be appropriate for the class.  So unicorn or wolf for Wolf Warriors, Griffon for Griffon riders, charger for Knights and so on.  Do not allow exotic mounts unless for a very good reason.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Feats of Martapa Part 2

Cast on the Run
You can cast long casting spells in a single word.
Perquisites: Clan Warrior, Intellect of 15, applies only to spells on Clan Warriors must have list.
Benefit: This is the ability for Clan Warriors to cast spells that would normally have a long casting time or a material or somatic component to be cast in one word.  This is a standard action, but the cast time is only the spell level versus the actual cast time.  This feat only applies to the Clan Warrior list, not any other spells the Warrior may know.  This is a bonus feat for all Clan Warriors and they receive it when they can start casting spells.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Feats of Martapa Part 1

Many of the RPGs have Feats, or something that augments a character.  My husband and I have always played Dungeons and Dragons and are now playing Pathfinder.  I would recommend, if using my world for your campaign, to use the usual Pathfinder Feats, since there are so many feats in either system.  My world will not have monks, so any "monk" feats would not be available.  The next couple days I'll go over a few extra feats I would add to make my game come alive.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Skills of Martapa

Most of the new, (and even old), RPG systems have skills that allow characters to do certain things, such as craft items or pick locks.  So what ever system your using, most of the skills will fit on Martapa just fine.  Here are a list of skills I would recommend definitely having for Martapa:

Disable Device
Escape Artist
Handle Animal
Knowledge skills
Pick Lock
Sense Motive
Use Magic Device

I would also add in Religion, History (Martapa), History (Tridon), History (Ariella), Nobility (Tridon) and Nobility (Ariella).  Your RPG system may have Knowledge skills with similar abilities, but these would be more world specific.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Classes of Martapa Part 34

Clan Warriors Part 5:
The Aniwahiya is a code of conduct that all Clan Warriors live by.  It is as follows:

 Above all else a charge's life must be a saved.  A Clan Warrior must not turn on his fellow warrior.  A Clan Warrior will always worship the Gods of Neutrality.  If a warrior worships the Gods of Evil they will be banished and their powers stripped from them.  Death by one's hand is more honorable then the loss of one's charge.  A Warrior's own pleasure comes after that of his charge and must never interfere with his charge's life.  A wolf warrior will be like a shadow to his charge.  (Later, after Moonshade, the charge was never allowed to know their protector because of complications she brought by revealing herself to her charge.)  A Warrior's charge can be taken if the High Council, (all the Clan Leaders), believes the charge or Warrior is deemed unworthy.

Grievous crimes are punished by banishment or the Penitence.  During a Penitence the one charged is tied to a pole and nine arrows are shot into him, one for each Nine major Gods.  If he still lives, they leave him or her to die.

Leaders are chosen by a test and purification. Three days of fasting, blood purification and offerings to Catiana and Targon, then the judging.  The people stand facing the Sunstone and Catiana through the stone will pick the Leader.  This must happen on the fourth day or it must be done again.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Classes of Martapa Part 33

Clan Warriors Part 4: There are 7 clans which a warrior can belong to.  They are as follows:

The Wolf Clan is, by far, the leader of all the Clans, since this is the one Veo Sunstar founded himself.  They are in mid-Taina and range through the Tsalagi Mountains and a little of the lands on either side.  The Dragon, Unicorn, Griffin and Pegasus were the next tier of Clans, founded by Veo's children and spread through out the continent of Taina.  The Griffins are more in the north east, while the Pegasus is more in the south east of Taina.  The Dragons are more in the north west of Taina, while the Unicorn was more in the south west.

The Lynx and Lion clans are in Ariella, with no distinct lines as to where they roam.  They were founded by Veo's grandchildren.  All Leaders of all the Clans, even to the current age in the time of the High King's Sword, are descendants of Veo Sunstar, and have red hair.

In the Clans' height there was  a meeting every five years, taking place at the "capital" of a different clan each year.  This large affair, called the Week of Worship, and as many clan warriors as could tried to make it.  Clans were ruled by a Clan Leader, who was protected by the High Guard, and usually didn't have a Charge of their own.  Under these two groups were the rest of the warriors.  Their position in elven society was above the commoner and even the nobles, though they gain little wealth and spend most of their time either training or protecting their Charge.

Tomorrow The Aniwahiya and the bonding of Charges.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Classes of Martapa Part 32

Clan Warriors Part 3: The Warriors on Martapa also receive the benefit of a magical mount at some point after they have become a warrior and have proven themselves.  (I would recommend 5th level or beyond.)  This mount depends on the clan, (which I will detail tomorrow).  If they are from the Wolf Warrior Clan or Dragon Clan they receive a wolf, (with exceptions), the Unicorn Clan receive unicorns, Griffin Clan receives griffins, Pegasus Clan receive pegasi and Lynx and Lion Clans receive lions or Tsula.

For Wolf Warriors they receive wolves as mounts usually, unless they are from the Veo Sunstar's line, (denoted by the red hair).  Then they receive unicorns from a special line.  They were given by Targon to this line because they knew, eventually, Amber Blackwolf would be born into the line and would need the extra magical help when the Chosen were needed.

Dragon Clan also receive wolf mounts except for a special few who bond with dragons.  This is a special bonus, and should only be given for something specially done.  I would not give this out as a mount unless the character is at least 15th level.

Last is the possibility that the Lynx or Lion Clan members will bond with at Tsula, (goat centaur).  They are sentiment, (like the Wolf Warrior special unicorn mounts or dragon mounts), and can make this decision on their own.  I would allow this at 7th level and treat the Tsula like a follower under the Leadership feat.  Otherwise they can have a lion mount at 5th level.

Tomorrow the 7 clans.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Classes of Martapa Part 31

Clan Warriors Part 2: The base spell list is as follows.  The Warrior has to have these spells, but can fill his other slots, (sorcerer progression), with other wizard spells.  The Warrior picks the order they receive the spells, but these spells have to be taken first.

0th level

1st Level
Cure light wounds
Burning Hands
Spider Climb

2nd Level
Bull's Strength
Resist Elements

3rd Level
Summon Nature's ally 3
Flame Arrow

4th Level
Polymorph Self

*Call Dragon
*Create Dancing Sword

*These spells are ones not found in Pathfinder/D&D type settings.  Call dragon is special, where the warrior, in the most dire of circumstances can call on the aid of dragons.  The Dancing Sword spell allows for a free floating sword to be called to fight on their own, (which I believe there is similar spell, but maybe not at this level).  These do not take spell slots but can only be used once per week.  If the Call Dragon one is used this often there will be consequences, since dragons do not like to be called on like servants.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Classes of Martapa Part 30

Clan Warriors: This class might be termed a "prestige" class in some systems.  Clan Warriors are from 7 clans, which will be reviewed shortly, and are warriors who use swords and magic to protect someone of great importance.  Not all Clan Warriors have a "Charge", but all are trained to protect someone.  They can wear leather armor and the weapons they can use vary depending on which Clan they belong to.  Most use swords or bows, and are usually trained in more then one.  They also have small amounts of magic to help heal and protect.  They are more ranger like then fighter like, but aren't necessarily very in tune with nature.

They gain spells like a sorcerer, (so not every level), and are limited to a list which I will do tomorrow.  They gain diplomacy and a free language of their choice as extra skills.  They do not take a penalty for casting spells in leather armor.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Classes of Martapa Part 29

Mages and Wizards:  These are technically two different classes on my world, but are set up pretty much the same way.  They are people who study the arcane and wield magical energies like some people wield swords.  They can wear only cloth armor, anything else will hinder their spell casting.  They use staves and daggers, but not many martial weapons.  They gain all the knowledge skills as class skills with a +3, (though they have to pick what their local knowledge would be at).  Some have familiars, creatures who help them with their magic, but they do not need them to be the most powerful they can be.

The major difference between mages and wizards comes from where they gain their power.  Targon rules the mages, and so most mages use only good or neutral energies to cast their spells.  They do not drain life energies or work with undead.  Where as wizards gain their spell magic from Kahalla and work almost exclusively in necromancy.  In game terms wizards would be necromancers, while mages would be all other arcane schools.  Mages aren't bared from necromancy, they just can't use anything that deals with undead or draws from others.  Cause Fear and Chill Touch would not be bared to Mages, (though they would be harder for them to cast), but Command Undead would definitely be off a Mages spell list.  Any necromancy spell uses a spell slot one level higher for a mage to cast.  Wizards can cast all mage/wizard spells, but anything which brings life, such as the spell False Life in Pathfinder, they would find hard to cast.  (Has to be cast using a spell slot one level higher).  Wizards are always some sort of evil, where mages can be good or neutral.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Classes of Martapa Part 28

Rogue Class: These people are out for adventure, wanting to see what is around the next corner, in the next hallway, in the next room.  They are good at finding their way into in accessible areas, unlocking doors and disarming traps.  Any race may hold one of these adventures people, though Akicitia are less likely to be rogues since they are a very open and honest race.

Rogues can wear leather armor, use small weapons such as daggers and short swords and gain a bonus for attacking from behind.  They gain the skills of remove traps and pick locks, (or the equivalent).  They are able to sneak in the shadows and can pick pockets. They gain knowledge: dungeoneering as a class skill with a +3 bonus.  Otherwise just stick to your base thief class for your system.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Classes of Martapa Part 27

Rangers: These people are men and women of the woods.  They know how to traverse the wilds, how to find food, water and good paths to get where you are going.  They aren't always the most friendly of people, but if you want to know how to deal with a certain threat from a predator or humanoid, they are the people to go to.

Rangers are proficient in bows, crossbows, hand crossbows, and most other range weapons, as well most swords, spears and axes.  They don't usually wear more then leather armor, but they can wear mail if they want.  Any skills that have to do with surviving in the out of doors are considered a class skill and they gain a +3.  Like many other ranger classes, the ranger has a foe they are knowledgeable in. Some rangers have animal companions, but most like to be loners.  (Depending on the system you are using they may or may not be allowed the animal companion.  If they can, just use the rules given in your system.)

Monday, July 6, 2015

Classes of Martapa Part 26

Paladin Class: On Martapa the Paladin Class would be Knights of Tridon.  This is usually a hereditary position, where the father, (or mother in some cases) was knighted before the would be paladin.  There are exceptions, such as if the King or House Leaders knight a new and deserving member of society.  If players want to be a paladin, but not from a House, they had better have a great back story reason for such things.   Paladins fight against the darkness of the world and try to right the wrongs of the world.  They uphold the Balance and the sanctity of Kingdom of Tridon.  They normally where platemail, though many in history have been known to use just mail, such as Richard of Varanath and Eric of Calabay during the Time of the Chosen.  They can use any martial weapon, but prefer sword and shield or axe in shield in the northern reaches.

Most Paladins will be humans, though there have been elf and dwarven Paladins.  They are usually Lawful Good, but any good alignment is permissible. Use the typical paladin class, but make sure they have knowledge history and nobility as class skills with a bonus of +3.  Spells are based off Charisma.  They are allowed access to all the same feats and skills as fighters, as well.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Classes of Martapa Part 25

The Fighter Class: This class is about fighting for fame and wealth, maybe even helping out their friends or fighting for a righteous cause.  They learn to use their weapon as extension of their body.  They excel at martial combat and can take a beating, if need be. Groups usually have one or two of these muscular men and women to keep the healers and mages from being attacked by blades and bows.  Fighters can be found everywhere and in every race, even the peace loving Winged Elves.

Fighters can wear every type of armor and use any type of weapon.  They are so good at what they do, they are capable of learning all sorts of moves, (They get extra feats for weapon/combat, every other level).  They don't get any bonuses to skills, but should be able to take all the martial related skills as class skills.