Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Extended Time Line XXXVII

2187 PA (Post Avatar)
In 2190 the Knight Games will be held in Stormvale. Preparations are already underway. Mercenaries are being vetted for guards, laborers are being hired to build the tournament site near the Temple of the Gods, and bards are being sought for the event.

The nomad problem becomes worse and the Emperor sends mages to the front to take care of the savages. Many tribes are lain to waste. The rest are rounded up and relocated further west.

Unexpectedly a pack of large black and silver wolves appear outside of Varanath. They harm no one but appear to be searching for something. Druids are called, but even they get no answers.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

City of Goldleaf

Goldleaf, although the House's main city, is barely a small city. The keep is made from magically summoned stone and there's about 10,000 people who call this place home in frontier type styled housing. There are several permanent trading posts and a temporary fair that sets up in the summer. Boats can come and moor off shore during the summer, but during the winter the bay is completely iced in. Even when open, the long voyage from Calabay is treacherous. Those who live here do not hold nobility above commoners and often marry said commoners. Only a man's deeds determine how they are treated. It's often hard to determine who is nobility, other then they may have a little better equipment on their person.

People wear many furs, beads and feathers in their hair, and have a pale complexion with blond hair. They are friendly, jovial, and will accept a person no matter their birth as long as they work hard and show their worth.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Richard Goldenstern

Richard was my husband through and through. He confused me greatly in college, telling me not 6 months earlier in High School we were just friends. Then we cut to college and he treats me so different. Sorta like the confusion between Richard and Amber Blackwolf who finally fall in love. (For those who wondered my husband and I have been married for almost 13 years after 7 years of dating!)

Richard is six and a half feet tall, broad at the shoulder and a quiet, introspective man. He prefers axe and shield, though the axe he uses one handed is a normal two-handed axe. He wears chainmail, but doesn't like plate. He doesn't like the bulk.

Richard looks the part of the big, dumb brute but he is a very smart and handsome man. He tends to over think decisions, which makes his friendship with Eric odd. When he was little more then a toddler his mother and Father were killed by Shaniko's minions His step-father, Tristan, is an elf who had befriended Richard's parents and was Lord of House Eton, a long story all in itself. Because Tristan doesn't have an heir, at the moment, Richard is heir to both Varanath and Eton.

If encountered by a PC he will seem gruff but patient. But if his honor or that of his family is threatened he will not take that well.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Expanded Time Line XXXVI

2186 PA (Post Avatar)

Clashes between settlers and nomads escalate. The settlers kill a band of nomads and other nomad tribes kill the offending settlers. The Imperial army is sent to disperse the nomads by what ever means necessary.

Calabay makes an official treaty with the Sea Elves. A week of festivities and feasting follow.

The "captured" Winged Elf turns out to be a Black Wizard in disguise and nearly assassinates the High King. Mages search everyone entering Stormvale to stop that from happening again.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Calabay, though much larger then the original fishing village of old, is still a relatively small House. Far north, where the bay is frozen three months of the year, few hardy individuals want to live there. The bay, deep enough for the largest ships, is the most important economic feature. The manor is on a cliff over looking the bay, while the city winds its way down from the manor to the bay.

Buildings, from homes to businesses, are log cabin like, with some of the newer ones made of brick. Both men and women wear cottons, leathers, and furs. And both carry weapons at all times, even if just a dagger.

Strangers are welcomed, but watched. Coin is used, but barter is more common. Fishing is the major profession, though it takes all kinds to run a city.

The other major feature is the Bard College, which I will go into later. But any bard who wants to be in court eventually finds their way there.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Eric Calabay

Eric was one of those characters who had a little too much influence from my friend. Granted, Eric is a whole lot more lithe and probably better with the sabers then my friend, but Eric's sould is a mirror of my friends.

Eric is a lithe, six foot tall man with blond, shoulder length hair and vibrant blue eyes. He perpetually smiles, loves to woe the women and befriend the men, and is a trouble maker of the first class. He is a master swordsman with two sabers. Most Knights use sword and shield, but it was clear from an early age he was not the big, bulky type.

He prefers fine clothes to leather or chainmail, can talk himself out of any corner and loves his family ferociously.

In my original novels he was brother in all but blood to Richard Guildenstern. Eric is also the reason Richard and Eric are sent off into the world and put on the path of fate.

If during the time of the Chosen, a player might find him in a tavern wooing women, playing cards and/or drinking. He'll brush off all insults and try to redirect any anger sent his way.

Monday, November 14, 2011

A Little Break

I'm taking a wee bit of break this week. I have a bunch of First Lego League stuff to do with my TAG kiddos and won't have time for my pursuits. Happy writing everyone and I'll be back next week!

Thursday, November 10, 2011


Bloodstones were created by mages as a form of punishment for the very worse. Literally the stone sucks a person's very soul from their body, leaving the body a dead shell. The person is stuck there for all eternity unless certain criteria are met. One, body and stone must be reunited (which unless a priest or mage preserves the body this could get quite messy). Two, a mage of great power must speak the reversal incantation over stone and body. There, the body, stone and words must be brought to a high holy spot to that person's race. And four, the incarnation can only be spoken once and the stone is destroyed, whether the soul was released to its body or not.

Though originally meant as a punishment, those of more evil nature used it for darker purposes, until the practice of using or making bloodstones was banned by all mage guilds and priesthoods.

The stone itself can be anything from a small gem to a runestone carved in bone or wood. It is up to the individual maker as to how they want to fashion it. It take a month to imbue with magic and blood of the caster. The finishing must be done on the night of a full moon, unobscured by any clouds.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Expanded Time Line XXXV

2185 PA (Post Avatar)
Varanath puts a bounty on an elf killer. Someone has been killing elves and leaving them with cryptic notes upon the bridge spanning the Guilden River. Bonded with the elves as they are, Varanath wants the killer caught.

Someone claims to have "captured" a winged elf and is traveling to Stormvale to show the High King.

The Emperor annexes part of western Ariella populated by nomads. Settlers are sent to domesticate the area.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

City of Varanath

Varanath, the 12th House of Tridon, fell to the Wizard Mathanos in the year 3184 PA, the House of Richard Guildenstern sundered. All were lost save one small babe named Noshi Bluecrystal who returned to save the House from darkness 16 years later.

Unlike most other Houses, the keep of Varanath is set up the slope of the great Varanath Mountain and away from the city proper. Walled,with underground retreats, the keep itself is a fortress. The River Guilden is crossed by a single, magically raised bridge which can be collapsed by the same magic. The city, which houses 25,000 people, has a wall and small lake to fish from. Houses are all timber, mostly one or two stories and spaced fairly far apart, especially compared to other major Houses. Roofs are pitched steeply because of the snows that come to this part of Tridon. Roads are wide enough for three wagons on major fares. People wear sturdy clothing and most carry weapons like most northern Houses. Young men are required a one year service in the militia though woman can serve as well. Southerners are looked on with disdain, but other races are welcomed, especially elves.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Sebastion Blackthorne

Sebastion was always a cranky man, at least in Noshi's way of thinking. A mercenary since the age of eighteen, Sebastion became a blademaster late in life. At six and foot and change, he is broad shouldered with dark hair and brooding eyes. He is not handsome by any stretch of the imagination, but he has a solid, rugged look. He prefers scale mail or brigand armor and a long sword, though he is well trained in everything from dagger to polearm.

He became entangled in Noshi's attempt to reclaim her House, Varanath, when both were young and he had already become the great Mercenary-Lord Blackthorne. Few know the true story of his rise, but those who do say nothing, but neatly direct them to the legend he killed the last High King.

At the time of the High King's Sword Sebastion is roughly eighty, though in good shape and still a fine swordsman. He is also Lord-Consort for the Lady Noshi of Varanath, a story all in itself.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Expanded Time Line XXXIV

2184 PA (Post Avatar)
Great prides of lions migrate across Ariella. No one is sure of the reason, but the priests of Waya believe they go in search of Waya, as her avatar lion is born in eastern Ariella.

A troop of acrobats, called the Tiny Tumblers, work their way across Taina. This group, made up of woman descended from Tayke, stops in every city they can, wooing crowds.

The price of Winged Elf artifacts soar and many are stolen from collectors at the scion of House Vandez's discoveries the year before.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Tender Mercy Healings

Tendy Mercy Healings is a simple healing shrine of Waya. Though the Goddess is the Goddess of Animals, animals need healing too. This place gives healing to animals in need as well as the rangers and hunters who call them friends. Small donations are accepted, but never required for the priests want animals to be well. Plus, a noble of noble House Taladian was a great lover of animals and left the healing temple a small trust which keeps them well.

The temple resembles a barn and smells like one as well. Any sorts of animals may be here, but many are ranger pets and well loved.