Friday, July 29, 2011

Item: The Sword of Sarjon

The Sword of Sarjon is both in truth a god-spawned weapon and the symbol of a Master's station in the temples of Sarjon.

Sarjon's two handed sword flames while in battle, shoots lightning when it strikes and sings battle dirges to inspire Sarjon's followers. The sword comes to the aid of the most faithful in their time of need, but foes will burn in pain if they touch the blade.

Each Master of a temple carries a two handed sword which gives them strength, courage and healing so the battle can continue. In game terms the sword gives a Master of Sarjon a +5 Strength. It gives all those in a twenty foot radius who are faithful to Sarjon a +5 save vs. fear. And the blade gives a regeneration of 2hp/round to the bearer. Only faithful of Sarjon may touch the blade. If they are of a faith opposed to Sarjon take 10 points of damage a round until they die or drop the weapon. A person killed in such a way can not be resurrected by any means short a wish.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Expanded Time Line XXII

2172 PA (Post Avatar)
The Great Gathering is held in Stormvale to celebrate the coronations of the four new House Leaders. A month of celebration is planned and bards come from all over to entertain. Competitions for Knights and commoners a like are held. The winner will win 1000 platinum dragons and a Knighthood.

Noble women are wanting the furs of the great white bears of the north. Hundreds of unprepared travel north to hunt the bears, many dying along the way.

The new emperor is looking for a bride. Fathers of the richest families are bringing their daughters to Notita. Many fear bandits and hire protection for the trip.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Location: Qalataqa

Qalataqa, capital of the northern elves, is a mystical city, fairy tale in nature. All the buildings have sweeping lines, are white washed with gold or silver trim and covered in turrets. Most are only three stories tall and all are made from magically shaped wood.

The avenues are broad, cobbled and maintained by ethereal keepers who keep the streets clean. Magical lamps shaped like fanciful creatures which light up on their own when the sun goes down line the roads.

A magical wall of energy surrounds this city of fifty thousand and can be raised at nay time by the Guardians of Qalataqa.

A palace dominates the east end, a grand library and the home of the royals inside. Mages and priests have temples to the north, the Clan Warriors to the south, the market to the west. Houses are spread through out.

Magical smiths make magic items and enchanted weapons here. Though Tsi-wa is the center o Warrior training of old, Miyaca trains many clan warriors here now.

Non-elves are not allowed here, the magical shield redirecting those not wanted, though some non-elves are invited in on occasion. This would be a good starting point if your party consists of nothing but wood elves.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Character: Miyaca Snowbird

Miyaca Snowbird is an elven archer of great renown, known to elves and mercenaries alike. Her snow white hair, braided to well past her waist is as well known as her skill. Mercenaries speculate she will only cut her hair when she finds the man she loves. Elves admire such beauty for it shows her patience. She stands tall for an elf, about five and a half foot tall, her bow just as long. Her frost blue eyes are bright and see everything about her. She bares a saber at her hip, which she could use nearly as well as the bow, and her hunting leathers are comfortable and durable.

Miyaca is also a Wolf Clan Warrior. And more precisely she was the only true Wolf Clan Warrior until twenty years previous to the High King's Sword. She has trained this generation of Clan Warriors and they worship her as their queen though she does not seek such attention. She has a charge, which is also her twin brother, Shadizar Snowbird, Mage and Seer.

I had started a story set in between my original stories and the High King's Sword with Miyaca and her brother, along with Noshi and Sebastion (who do guest appearances in my High King's Sword), but I never finished and there they sat until I need a tie-in. I have to admit she is one of those "favorite" children, even being several roleplaying characters and a World of Warcraft character. What is a person to do when you like a character so much? But in the High King's Sword series she is only a blip, just something to tie in a few background points for my main characters.

Your player characters could meet her as a Clan Leader about twenty years before the High King's Sword. They could meet her as a mercenary before then, or even meet her in Varanath after she helps Noshi save the fallen House. She will not, under any circumstances, help Kin or Wizards. During the High King's Sword she is more likely to be found near Qalataqa or near Varanath.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Expanded Time Line XXI

2171 PA (Post Avatar)
The Senate tries to take over the Empire from the new Emperor. But the army steps in, always loyal to the Emperor. They kill most of the disloyal senators but are searching for the ones who managed to escape.

Vandez, Goldleaf, Pathfinder and Cole's Leaders are killed by assassins,while Bloodhelm and Weatherworn are seriously wounded. Most of the assassins escape but one is killed and it is clear the King and the Black Wizards are behind the whole affair. Parties are sent out to serve retribution.

The ruins of Elven home are found or at least part of the ramp the groundlings can use. Expeditions are sent to see if away can be found to the high aeries.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Describing Your Character

For those who roleplay you probably have a great picture in your head of what your character looks like. But sometimes, even for the best of us, it's hard to let others know what they look like. Here some ideas on how to show what you mean.

A simple way is to write down what your character looks like. "My character has blue eyes, brown hair, and loves to wear plate armor." Not as descriptive as most people would like, but it does give a good start for others to figure out what your character looks like.

Another way is to be a great artist or have one in your group...(Thank you Scott where ever you are :) ) This definitely helps in giving your friends a visual idea of your character.

A new one for me (since we didn't have access to such things when I was roleplaying in college) is video games. What, you say? This is a paper and pencil game what does video games have to do with this. Well for those online games where you have to make characters (or even some non-online games) you will have a picture of your character in the game which you could then screen shot to use as your roleplaying picture. I know in world of Warcraft there are many races to choose from and if you just wanted to make a human or orc with the hair color and facial features and even skin color of your roleplaying character and then screen shot it, there is at least a basic idea of what your roleplaying character looks like in bold colors!

To add to your character a little background helps as well. Give a short background (where is he from, what things in his past shaped your character), what race, height, age, eye color and hair color, he is. How about how he speaks, how he behaves around people, maybe even his best or worst qualities. My favorite is to pick a hobby or little quirk that makes them unique. An example is that Guthlaf (my dwarf in my novel) likes to relax with a good pipe, no matter where he is.

Happy Gaming!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Characters: Myriam

Myriam was another of those characters I threw in as flavor text and suddenly I find her in all four of my books. She was just suppose to be the spokesman for the slaves the party rescues, but suddenly I found her as a vehicle to move my plot along. Crazy how that happens.

Myriam is dark, chocolate colored skin, almost pitch black, her hair a similar color. She was a beauty in her younger years, but at the age of forty she is beginning to show her age. Her hair is starting to gray, though just slightly, her figure is a little rounder in a places, and her face has a few more lines of worry then before. But she is still a beauty. She also has a head on her shoulders. She has been trained in history, politics, math, and strategy. Her father wanted her trained in case he needed to sell her instead of marry her off. (In the empire girls in the middle and lower income levels are not seen as a benefit, but a burden. Thus many of them get sold into marriage or just sold as household slaves. Many fathers will train their daughters so they can get more for them if they have to resort to such things. It doesn't mean they don't love their daughters, they are just being practical for their place in the world.)

Myriam dresses conservatively, feels no pity for herself for what she has been through and takes no guff. She is like a school teacher of old who will look at a person once and know if they are telling the truth or not. She also knows how to make a deal, since her father was a minor lord on the edges of the Empire. Her father loved her greatly and she was married to a man her father thought would be a good match. It turned out he just liked pretty things to look at and when Myriam started to show her age she was sold into slavery by her husband. She had three children, luckily all boys, though she tells no one of this. She doesn't want to think on the past, even if that means forgetting about her beloved children.

In the time of the High King's Sword Myriam can be found at Tarkil's nicer inn, the Rolling Rooster. She will see through any lies, (in game terms she can not be bluffed unless on a natural 20 or the equivalent), but she does know many rumors. Even in her short time running the inn she has made many contacts and might be able to help find something or someone. Alternatively she runs a good inn/tavern and will have fine, clean rooms for a reasonable price.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Location: The Village of Matris

The village of Matris is little more then a farming village. It holds a single inn, which doubles as a meeting hall and raid safe house. The owners are nearby farmers who simply enlarged their house (then built a new one for themselves) and who always have stew ready to eat.

There is a blacksmith, who can make weapons, though it might take a long time and it might be easier to go to Calabay to get one. But he can sharpen weapons and tools, repair armor, and make all sorts of arm implements.

Matris is 120 miles east of Calabay and serves as a resupply post for Calabay patrols upon the road.

Most of the history of Matris involves ogre raids and animal attacks, so everyone able to lift a weapon knows how to use one. Many of the youth join the Home Guard of Calabay for a time before returning to farm so many have their own fine weapons and armor.

Like all those up north the people here love a good tale and reward fresh news with food and drink.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Character: Master Pelish

Master Pelish is a broad man built for battle and devoted to the God of War, Sarjon. Pelish hasn't always been the largest person in the room. He was a scrawny child who could barely lift the sacks of grain needed for his father's horses. After years of being teased he got frustrated and prayed to Sarjon for strength which Pelish promised to use to serve him. Not too soon after he began to grow in both size and strength. Always a man of his word, even at a young age, he took off for Calabay when he came of age and joined the temple of Sarjon.

He enjoys good sword play and the art of war, leaning toward strategy in his older age. His dark hair is graying on the sides and thinning on the top. His eyes are dark blue and his skin pale. He also likes a good tale and a good stein of ale. He prefers half-plate and chain, and a two handed sword, though he can use a long sword and shield just as well.

Pelish worked hard to attain the rank of Master of Calaby. And like all Temples to Sarjon he works hard to retain his rank. everyday is a battle in a Temple of Sarjon, whether with swords or words.

Pelish might meet the party in a tavern and share an ale or two with them if they have a good tale to share. Or even duel them if they so wish. If he is on patrol and happens upon them in their time of need he will heal them, but ask for the tale behind the wounds and perhaps a favor.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Magic Sight

Magic Sight, or mage sight, was originally used by mages and priests to see auras upon people or items of power. They had to call upon the power and not everyone can use it as well as others. Auras can tell if a person is good/evil or powerful/weak in the magical. Or it can tell if an item is powerful/weak and what type of magic an item holds. All items or people have an aura, even rocks (though it would be very faint) for all things hold some bit of magic in them. So for those using the sight, the world becomes very bright.

Master Sinigan, who knew auras was one of the few things his prodigy could see, developed a way to use the magic to see words or runes thus allowing Featherborn to read. Now many mages and priests use this ability to help those who are blind "see" in a limited manner if they harbor any magical sight. This takes practice and some can simply not attain such abilities, but they try hard to gain this limited sight.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Expanded Time Line XX

2170 PA (Post Avatar)
During peace negotiations the Emperor, most of his party, and most of the High King's party is killed, though the High King lives. The Wizards of Shaniko are blamed for the deaths and the High King sends parties to search for the perpetrators. The Empire and the new emperor do not blame the High King but recall the truce party and all hopes for the truce is forgotten.

Gryphons migrate south in the hundreds. No one is sure why, though many scholars and druids go to investigate. Mount trainers try to capture some for it was once said the Winged Elves rode the magnificent creature to battle.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Location: Town of Caelon

The town of Caelon, which sits on the opposite side of the bay from Calabay, has ever been a busy little town. The staging area for the fine ships of Calabay, many fisherman and wood workers abide here. Several taverns and inns have good business, along with a bustling trade with the seas elves. Mages and scholars have a small manor here so they can study the northerners, along with the sea elves.

About five thousand people call this place home, including some shepards and farmers. Even House Calabay has a get away manor here.

People here are mostly fair haired and fair skinned and nearly all know how to operate at least a row boat. They wear strudy clothing, suited for ships as well as the colder climate.

Some rumors here are a ghost fleet can be seen off the coast on stormy nights. Monsters of the four footed variety hunt in the night taking live stock and children alike. And a dragon, tied to House Calabay, sleeps in the bay, waiting to protect the heirs of Eric Calabay.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Character: Priest Featherborn

Featherborn was born in the bay village of Caelon near Calabay. Born to a priest of Catiana and a fisherman, most people assume this happy-go-lucky half elf is half wood elf. In truth his elven half is sea elf, though he looks like most typical half elves. Unknown to most scholars sea elves can breath on both land and water without magic. Even less well known is that Veo Sunstar started a Clan of Warriors among the sea elves, leaving his own mark of red hair, something that amongst all elves shows the Sunstar blood. So no doubt is left that Featherborn is one of Veo's descendants with his red hair (which only his descendants amongst elves have) and thus most believe he is simply half-wood elf.

His most remarkable feature, besides always having a kind word for anyone, is his solid, creamy white eyes. He is blind in all sense of the word, but it never slowed him down. Once he was old enough to apprentice as a Priest of Cataina his mother sent him to the temple in Stormvale. There Master Sinigan and his wife took him in and taught him the ways of Catiana. They were taken by his hard work and Sinigan researched a magical spell for him to "see" with magic, though he usually only uses it to read, not get around.

Featherborn is liked by most in the Temple and is heir apparent to Master Sinigan and the title of Master of the Temple of Stormvale. Characters in the time of the High King's Sword will meet Featherborn first if they are in need to speak with Master Sinigan. He will use his aura reading ability to detect anyone who wishes to harm Master Sinigan, but otherwise will be polite and friendly with any he meets. He will also offer healing if he catches someone in an act of unseen kindness.