Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Extended Timeline XXVII

2177 PA (Post Avatar)
This year is named the Year of the Full Moon. There are many attacks by werewolves and their kin, many people dying, many becoming cursed, whole villages destroyed. Silver becomes in short supply as does belladonna.

An heir to the Emperor, named Titanous, is born. Celebrations are held, hundreds of slaves and beautiful jewelry pieces are given and writs of land are granted.

Lights are seen in the ruins of Tayke, though no one is brave enough to investigate.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Locations: Mint's Herbalist

Mint's Herbalist is a small, but pleasant smelling building near the city garrison and the Bloodhelm's east gate. Run by druids who spend a month at a time in the city, the business has only the best, well dried and fresh herbs. Everyone from cooks and alchemists to healers and assassins come to Mint's for their supplies. Prices are high, ranging from 5% to 20% more then book prices, but merchandise is always of the highest quality.

The druids are always wearing robes of dark green and some sort of animal, from bird to wolf, are present with the druids in the building. Most are men, though a few have been known to be female.

At the time of the High King's Sword the business has been there for nearly three centuries.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Character: Steven Dancingblade

Steven Dancingblade was the author of "Recollections of the Avatar Wars", a history, of sorts, of the War of the Gods. A priest of Catiana, based out of Stormvale, Steven loved to live history. He was human, standing almost six foot tall with dark skin. His black hair was curly, shoulder length, his black beard trimmed neatly, even out in the field. He was jovial and a braggart, to the point he had convinced many he was a Bladmaster, though that was far from the truth. He wore flamboyant clothes, rarely did he wear robes, and always carried a saber though most priests of Catiana bare staves.

Though famous for "Recollections of the Avatar Wars" he did many other works including a "Treatise on Dragons" and "On the Ruins of Tridon". He adventured for a while after the War of the Gods and earned quite the reputation for chronicler, healer and drunkard.

If encountered around the time of the chosen he could offer knowledge of history, healing, or adventure with the party for a while.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Item: Keys to the Temple of the Gods

The Keys to the Temple of the Gods are an interesting item. Two small medallions and one large instead of a normal "key", they are inscribed with words of protection in Ancient Elven. They glow faintly in the presence of evil and offer small protections against magic to the holder. All three have to be used with in moments of each other to unlock the doors of the Temple of the Gods. If not, a guardian of flame, in the shape of a dragon, will attack the user.

Usually the Master of the Temple to Catiana in Stormvale cares for them, but for awhile near the time of the Chosen, they were lost.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Expanded Timeline XXVI

2176 PA (Post Avatar)
Sprites over run the small city of Thimbleberry near Merryweather. A call is sent out to any and all who can rid of the little pranksters, offering a large reward.

Gold is found southwest of Notita near a small village. The village has to be "relocated". Many of the residents disappear and some family far they have been sold into slavery. Many spend good coin to have them found. There is also raids on the establishing mine, though no one knows by who.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Location: The Healer's Guild

The Healer's Guild, in Bloodhelm, is a place many visit. Run by the healers of Tinaka, they take in all who need healing, from richest to poorest, from the most pure to the darkest of heart. They ask for donations to buy supplies and feed the healers, but even the darkest of assassins pay them well. Life is always worth a little extra money.

Though they can heal most wounds, poisons and illnesses, they can not bring people back from the dead and will not try. (Though this may go against a lot of fantasy roleplaying, which has resurrection, this is the one faith in all of Martapa, that will not resurrect characters, unless they are a follower of Tinaka and then it is reincarnation, not resurrection since death is part of life.) If the healers are harmed they will withdrawal treatment altogether.

The building is three stories with a basement for storage. The top two floors are healing wards, while the first floor is for mingling and meals, along with sleeping quarters for the healers.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Characters: Lady Sandara

Lady Sandara is "the" seer in all of Weatherworn. Though Weatherworn has many with magical abilities, Sandara is the most sought after, though most despised, woman. She is a short five feet tall with gray hair braided to her waist. She wears layers and layers of skirts and shirts, along with bracelets and necklaces that jingle. Her skin is pale, for she doesn't go out in the sun often. Her most striking feature is her pure white eyes, for though she can see the future clearly, the physical world has been taken from her.

Her fortunes are always accurate and even the Leaders of Weatherworn use her from time to time. She is expensive, fifty gold per question and she turns away as many as she sees.

Her biggest secret is that she is several hundred years old, even though she is human. Many a god has used her to steer their followers in the right direction and thus she is an asset they do not wish to lose. A Player Character may go to her in Weatherworn and the see if they can find out their future. This is up to the Gamemaster. As a gamemaster you could use her to move a plot a long or if you don't want them to see that far ahead (maybe because that would give them an unfair advantage or you haven't planned it out) she can have the door slammed in their face. She is there around the time of the High King's Sword, but about three hundred years before that as well.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Item: Whetstone of Cleaning

A Whetstone of Cleaning is a simple magic item which many soldiers who fight undead and poisonous creatures like to have. Not only does these whetstones sharpen blades, giving them a nice huen (adding +1 to damage) but also will remove any acid or undead blood which may etch the blade in harmful ways. It also removes poison from a blade, even if purposefully placed. Thus many thieves like this item as well.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Expanded Timeline XXV

2175 PA (Post Avatar)
The Vandez heir dies because the priest of Tinaka have not the right magic items to aid in healing to save the heir from a deadly poison. They blame the magic item tax and the Lord rescinds the tax, though for three years he heavily taxes the temples.

A large migration of whales on the west coast supplies a large harvest for the Western Houses. Fall celebrations are large, allowing for large tournaments and feasts.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Location: Spellcasting Inc

Spellcasting Inc was recently put together by five young spellcasters who did not like the confines of the Guild in Bloodhelm. Master Saber gave them his blessing, despite the complaints of others in the guild, and the bunch is now trying to make a living as spellcasters.

The building is new, but mostly river rock and local wood. It has three rooms, a greeting room, supply room, and sleeping room. The five spellcasters will make potions, magical locks, dispel curses, make magically binding contracts, scrolls and spellbooks, and cast spells on request. Prices are usually the cost of supplies plus 20 percent.

They will not knowingly harm others or dabble in necromancy, but some of what they do could be used for such things. Two of their numbers are always there, while the other three are always in the countryside looking for ingredients. They will buy magical components at 50 percent of value and give said sellers discounts on their services if the sellers consistently bring them good components.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Character: Ferid, Son of Gune

Mentioned a few times in my stories, Ferid's biggest contribution is being Guthlaf's father. An average sized dwarf his black hair is now streaked with gray as he reaches his fourth century. Like all dwarves his hair and beard are studded with knick-knacks and beads. There is a small fortune in gems in his beard alone.

Ferid is a master metalsmith crafting axes and fine chainmail which is heavy duty but light weight. Ferid makes most of the armor for the King's men and takes pride in his work. He is frustrated with his youngest, Guthlaf, but figures he'll work through his impulses in a few decades.

If your characters are dwarves, he will most likely be the person to fit their armor if they are in the dwarven capital. The only time he leaves the island is to travel to Merryweather to bargain for supplies he can not find on the islands. Players might meet him during this time and could even commission some armor if they had enough money and don't some how insult good Ferid.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Expanded Time Line XXIX

2174 PA (Post Avatar)

News of dragons near Stormvale incite rumors. Some say they have returned from their self imposed exiles. Some say they are upset with the High King. Some say it's the ale talking.

A group of dwarven lords is set upon by ogres ans they travel to Stormvale. A group of merchants lead by Karl Rockcutter save them with little loss of life.

A magic tax is placed upon items of magic brought into Vandez. Mage guilds complain to Vandez and their own liege lord, but find themselves at a stalemate.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Location: Precious Gems

Precious Gems is the gem place in Bloodhelm. Set behind the Temple of Sarjon and Shade, this building is not extravagant, but made of magically sculpted river rock and tight grained cedar. The doors and windows, though they have no bars, are magically trapped. Inside Jessie Rockcutter keeps a fine assortment of gems from the simplest to the most rare.

Jessie's family has had a tight bond with the dwarves and thus always has access to good gems. Rumor goes that a previous Rockcutter saved a dwarven lord and thus the dwarves are repaying the debt by giving him good access to beautiful gems.

Jessie and his apprentices make custom jewelry, everything from peasant promise rings to items fit for a king. Just depends on the money and time a person has. He would love to get his hand on some elven jewelry to see if he can copy some of the styles, and thus would pay well for an example.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Characters: Sunshine

Sunshine is, for all intensive purposes, just a draft horse. A bay colored body with straw blond mane and tail he stands 17 hands at the shoulder. He's docile to the point he needs no leads, unless it's something he truly doesn't want to do. This something usually involves cold weather or rain, thus his name. Duncan's wife, Audry named him, though Duncan thought it was a fitting name. Sunshine became the bright spot in his life after all the fighting with Audry. Sunshine likes most people, though he can sense if someone means him ill will. His other unique trait is his ability to open latches on fences and barn doors. There isn't a barn built that can keep him in, though he is always there to be fed in the morning.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Expanded Time Line XXIII

2173 PA (Post Avatar)
A tsunami strikes the east coast of the dwarven islands and Taina. Many lives are lost and cities are destroyed. The High King and the Emperor both send aid in hopes of winning friends. Many scholars send expeditions to retrieve artifacts and look for anything interesting that may have washed up on shore.

The Emperor takes Melody Thanes, a merchant's daughter, as his wife. Though not from a noble family she is well loved by many Some in the Senate complain, but not openly after rebellion so clear int he Emperor's mind.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Location: The Temple of the Gods

The Temple of the Gods, two days north of Stormvale, was the location of King Peter's home village. After he was crowned, Peter had the temple made to House the great artifacts, honor all the Gods and bring all the faiths together, as he was bringing the country together. For hundreds of years the faiths did meet here in peace until Shaniko, the Black Wizard, tore them apart and the Temple was forgotten.

The temple was discovered again by the Chosen who fought back Shaniko's army there. After the war the temple was restored, housing was added and caretakers were assigned.

Then when the last High King was killed the union began to fall apart. By the time of the High King's Sword series the Temple and grounds are in disrepair and no one resides there.

Originally there was a single temple, round with a golden dome and nine pillars on the outside supporting an overhang. Murals to honor all the Gods adorn the outside and reliefs of the Gods adorn the columns.

After the War of the Chosen housing was added and a marble, cobbled plaza in the middle was also added. On the south side a statue was dedicated the Chosen, a likeness of each one carved from marble.

By the time of the High King's Sword the place is overgrown and abandoned. Only the temple appears pristine.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Character: Nandith

Nandith was training to be a historian, set to copying text, writing commentary on important events, keeping track of genealogies, the like. But that all changed when he came upon some ancient ballads. He longed to put them to voice and song and thus went from historian to bard over night.

His voice is pleasant to listen to and he brings the history ballads alive. He also plays the lute and harp. His travels brought him in contact with Flynn Whiteswan and the two traveled together for sometime. It was Flynn w ho introduced Nandtih to Calius Goldleaf, the hope for Tridon and hopefully the next High King.

Nandith acts as a go between and spy for Calius now, enjoying the intrigue and the attention from the ladies.

Nandith is an elf, lithe and beautiful with bright green eyes and forest green hair. He wears flashy clothes, floppy hats and a rapier he can use quite well. He is quite comfortable in court and commoner situations alike.

A party near or during the time of the High King's Sword could easily find him in any tavern telling a mean tale or spreading rumors. If they party wishes to contact the High King, maybe they find out how to do so through Nandith, after he tests their moral standing a bit, of course.