Thursday, November 6, 2014

Races of Martapa Part XI

Society: Dwarves live underground in large warrens of stone so they can be near mining nodes of one type or another.  There are settlements above ground who cultivate the timber needed for the ships and boats they make, as well as ports where the ships are made.  Also to produce the wool and cotton to weave with. They are ruled by a King and are broke up in Clans. Families train their young in their profession, making for generations of the same crafter in the same compound.   While humans live around 60 years, dwarves can live up to five hundred years.

Families vary in size and make up. Dwarves have on average three children.  Depending on the craft it will depend on ho many people live in a compound. Weavers will have more extended family then engineers. Those of more military strips will have large extended families in one area so those family members who are not serving in the military can help take care of family who have members in the military as well.

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