Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The Tombs of House Karoon Part II

The general layout of a tomb is fairly simple.   There are stairs which lead down from a secret door, (though not really that secret), from the decorations above ground.  The stair length can vary, but isn't usually longer then sixty feet.  These stairs lead to a large, open area meant as a greeting area with pictures and statues of the deceased.   From this room there are three doors.  The side doors lead to storage rooms.  One room usually holds weapons and armor, along with any hobbies the deceased may have had.  The other holds food and cloth.  The room which is straight across from the stairs is the tomb itself, holding the highly decorated stone sarcophagus.  The walls are decorated with stone sconces, murals, and/or tapestries.  Sometimes married couples are interned together, and both of their portraits and hobbies are present.

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