Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The Tombs of Karoon Part III

Lord Varian of House Karoon was a beloved ruler by most.  He knew his subjects when he would go places, knew where his food came from, and addressed his servants with a smile and a laugh.  When he died at the ripe old age of eighty three he was dearly missed.  His tomb was simple, as he never really liked gaudy.  The swords and gear were simple, with simple embellishments, and the pictures painted on his walls were beautiful and elegant, but simple.  His sword, Thunder, was placed in the tomb with him, because his son couldn't bare to part his father from his sword even in death.

Possible adventure ideas for this tomb could be the following:
1) The House of Karoon would like the sword recovered from either a thief which stole it or from the tomb itself.

2) The tomb has been desecrated and the House wants the insult avenged.

3) The tomb has been cursed by someone who did not like Varian and the House of Karoon wants him laid to rest.

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