Monday, December 29, 2014

Races of Martapa Part XXVI

Ancient Elf Adventures: Ancient Elves would usually be good for mages, clerics, or rangers.  I have a class of Gryphon Riders, but these are the elite who protect the King and Queen so I wouldn't allow your players to be one of these on a whim, since they would have access to a Gryphon and should be restricted to being near the King or Queen.  I would give a plus to Intellect and perhaps Agility, (but you could argue their wings make them less agile at least on the ground), and take away from Strength and Constitution.  If your campaign requires a flying feat/proficiency to fly they should get this for free, though you could restrict their flight capabilities.  Spears are a favorite weapon of the Ancient Elves, so you might offer this up as a freebie.

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