Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Races of Martapa Part 62

Ogre Descriptions: Ogres are huge creatures close to seven foot tall and shoulders to match. Their skin is green in color, ranging from light to super dark green.  Hair is black and rarely a different color.  Their eyes are small, almost beady and usually black in color, though brown is not unheard of.  They are very strong, able to lift twice their body weight without breaking a sweat. Even the young are incredibly strong and thus deadly. Their noses are bulbous, their jaw and brow jutting out just a bit.  Their ears are tapered, but large.

They wear simple clothes if they make such items themselves, usually made out of leather and cloth, sometimes mixed. Sometimes their clothes are of better quality if they have been made for them by other races. They scavenge weapons and armor pieces, so they never match unless the ogre in question has been hired by some other race for protection.

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