Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Races of Martapa Part 63

Ogre Society: Their language is halting and they do not have a written language. They have little technical ability so they usually use sledges or rickety carts to move things unless they have stolen a cart or wagon. Same goes for much of the other things humans would take for granted.

Ogres breed like rabbits.  Once one is born the next one is in the oven.  Because of this, though, they have shorter life spans, maybe forty years if they are lucky. There is no family structure.  The make takes no part in raising the children, though he'll take credit if his son does something impressive, and often rival males might come into a camp and kill the offspring and steal the women.

They live in mud and grass huts in crude villages with wooden fences.  They keep wolves for pets. They do not plant crops but hunt and raid.

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