Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The Hole

This inn is a very unusual stop over for those traveling from Merryweather to Varanath.  From the outside, there appears to only be a door and a small building, with a another door into the mountainside nearby.  But this small looking building is actually quite huge.  Beyond the door and greeting area, which is used to shed weapons and wet clothing, is a huge tavern in the mountain itself.  Beyond that are stairs leading downward to the three floors of rooms and storage.  The original owner of The Hole lost his original inn to an ogre attack and didn't want to rebuild again so made a strong hold.  The current owner keeps enough supplies on hand for the whole inn for several weeks, or his family for quite a long time.  He also has weapons and armor, just in case.  The second door leads to a secure stable large enough to hold two dozen horses with fodder to feed them all for several weeks. There is a tunnel between the inn and stables, as well.

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