Monday, May 12, 2014

Tunnels of Carown Part XI

The left tunnel from the entrance winds down ward toward the north, spiraling, going straight, jogging back toward the entrance.  It's wide enough for two abreast in some areas, while a tight squeeze for one person in others.  No caverns open up for quite some time and nothing looks worked by human hands.  There is no light and not even the sounds of bats can be heard.  Water dripping can be heard on occasion, but otherwise it is very silent. 

This tunnel will run in its winding way for nearly a mile before it opens up into a cavern with a small lake.  The cavern itself is huge, the ceiling lost to any lamp light in the darkness.  The lake, though small, spans a good acre and 1/2, maybe two.  In the center is a small island with a building upon it.  From the shore it looks like a small hut, meant to house a couple or a very small family.  It actually looks in descent repair, considering where it is, but is quiet at the moment.

Tomorrow, the cottage.

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