Thursday, May 1, 2014

Tunnels of Carown Part IX

The right tunnel from the mosaic room spirals downward, narrowing to about five feet wide at spots, the floor is smooth, (requiring a Dex checks in areas), and becomes smoother the further in a person goes.  About three hundred feet down the tunnel there is a break in the floor, with a rock fall to one side.  Characters need to make a Dex check to keep  from falling into the pit.  There are not only rocks at the bottom, but spikes as well.  Because of the rock fall there is only a 50% chance of hitting  a spike and it is an easy climb out of the pit.  There are two dead adventurers as the bottom of the pit and have a small amount of treasure on them.  (Make it level treasure for your characters for each of the dead adventurers.)

The tunnel continues on to a large cavern which is finished in places, but natural in others.

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