Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Races of Martapa Part 50

Half-Elf Description: Half-elves are normally a human/elf cross,  but they can be any race crossed with an elf. In truth, there are other races which could cross, but this would be the most likely.  They can look human, elf, or  a mixture of both.  normally their ears are slightly tapered, but can look round like a humans as well.  Hair color can range wildly, since elves have such outlandish hair colors  like purple or silver and humans have black and brown, as well as blond.  Here is where we get tricky.  Some humans have red hair, but elves of only the Sunstar line can have red hair, thus half elves can only have red hair if they are of the Sunstar line.  Eyes can also range, though human colors usually dominate.  Eyes are slightly almond shape, but not as big as elves.

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