Thursday, February 19, 2015

Races of Martapa Part 56

Minotaur Description: Minotaurs stand around six and a half foot tall with broad shoulders and fury.  They bare a cow head, males having large horns, females having small ones.  They have cloven hooves and legs which are joined like the back legs of a cow.  Their fur color and patterns can vary just as widely as real cattle, so be creative.  To add character I would also pick the direction and conditions of the minotaur's horns.

Minotaurs wear clothes similar to humans since they are around humans so much.  They prefer two handed axes or swords, but single handed weapons and shields are not unheard.  Minotaurs are people of their word and one their word is given it is a deal which will be followed through on.  Unfortunately, for the last three thousand years or so they have been used, and used badly, by the Black wizards of Shaniko and so the other races outright hate them.  They are codependent upon the Wizards because they have given up so many aspects of an agricultural life to train in the martial.

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