Monday, February 23, 2015

Races of Martapa Part 57

Minotaur Society: Minotaur families are very patriarchal, but women have important rolls in society as well.  (If you haven't noticed I have a very sexist free world here, for some reason.  Not to say there aren't pockets of sexism....)  Houses usually have only a single family in them as well as any apprentices.  Blacksmithing is very important and blacksmiths are revered by the minotaurs, and their skills are only rivaled by dwarves.  To harm a blacksmith is a heinous crime.  Same goes for healers.  Healing is usually a female dominated career and blacksmithing is usually a male career, though either sex can do either.

Minotaurs are so adapted to serving a certain sect of humans they have adopted a lot of their city lay outs and thus live in very orderly cities of wooden and stone buildings.  Minotaurs live to around 60 years and have a single child about ever 5 years once they are married and have come of age.

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