Monday, July 10, 2017

The Ruins of Shar-Lin Part 6

The floor above the entry level is also circular, wrapping around the open library below.  These rooms are larger then the ones below and have quite a few lightstone and lamp niches.  Some of the rooms have broken beds, clothes chests, and desks.  Litter of personal items are strewn everywhere, as are books in various states of decay.  One room has a completely intact and locked chest, while another has a bloody dagger plunged into the floor, though the blood looks more like rust then blood.  Sitting in the corner of the bloody dagger room is a skeleton with scraps of robes left on the old bones, with bits of leather (like a belt and boots and maybe a purse) in places.

For the GM these are the rooms of the lesser scholars.  The rooms are about 20 by 20 in size, with old mosaics on the floor, though they are covered in dust.  There are a few personal items that are salvageable, but most of the items have been lost to time.  The room with the chest in it actually harbors a mimic that found it's way in somehow and couldn't find it's way out.  It's been dormant for some time and is just waiting for any meal that comes by.  The room with the dagger in the floor is actually the site of a murder before the building was abandoned.  The man in the corner dragged himself there after pulling the dagger from his chest.  Using the last bit of magic and breath he cursed his murderer, causing him to wander the world as an undead forever.  Unfortunately, he caught himself in the curse and when the door is opened the skeleton will come to life.  You can make this a simple skeleton or something on par with a lich, depending on your party's level and what challenge you'd like to send their way.  In the pouch is a magic ring.

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