Wednesday, July 12, 2017

The Ruins of Shar-Lin Part 8

The last floor was once the headmaster's rooms.  There is a bathing room, a study, and a bedroom.  The bathing room has a tub similar to the ones below, and a basin which is full of water.  The bed and wardrobe are in several pieces, which isn't explained by time.  The study is locked and the door looks pretty sturdy.  In the bedroom is a man dressed in robes laying on the broken bed, with several human skeletons scattered around the room.  The man in robes looks to be intact and appears to be taking a nap.

For the GM the key for the room on the entrance floor is on the lich laying on the bed.  The lich, the former headmaster, performed a ritual which not only turned him into a lich, but allowed him to keep most of his flesh.  (He does have imperfections here and there.)  The skeletons are from former adventurers who breached the building.  His study on this floor is trapped with a magical lock of moderate ability.  Inside is a small library of books which are still intact, a desk with a ledger and a history of the ruins.  There is a small strong box of gems, gold and jewelry.  There are several magic wands, some magical robes, a magic dagger and a magic staff in the room, as well.  If the door can not be unlocked, there is a key to bypass the magic on the lich. The bath is magical like those below and the basin is magic, creating water when needed.

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