Tuesday, July 11, 2017

The Ruins of Shar-Lin Part 7

The next floor of Shar-Lin is bathing rooms, storage rooms, a small kitchen and spans the whole floor, (it doesn't open up to the library below).  The kitchen and pantry takes up about a third of the floor, the bathing rooms another third and storage rooms the rest.  The tubs are completely intact, the storage rooms are scattered with debris, though there are some salvageable items in them.  The floor is also infested with dog sized rats.

For the GM the tubs are magically enchanted to warm any water put in them, and the stove in the kitchen is magic so it doesn't need wood to cook.  The giant rats have the demon template and are equal level with your player characters.  There is a secret niche in one of the storage room with a good amount of coin and gems.  This is where the scholars kept the money they earned so they could buy supplies.  It is a moderate search with a dispel magic to rid of the trap upon it.

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