Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Dwarven Way Station Hardstone

On the east side of Taina, near the southern coast and Karoon is the Dwarven Way station of Hardstone.  This way station is a small fort, with a stone wall surrounding it, three stout buildings, (one of which is a warehouse) and their own well.  There is a cellar beneath each building that connects all three buildings, containing food, weapons and supplies to hold out for at least three weeks.  The well can actually be accessed from the cellar and blocked off so that those up above can't access it.  The dwarves use this way station to move their trade goods from the islands on into the mainland.  There is at least one caravan coming to or going out of here a week.  There is a permanent staff of two dozen dwarves, several of which are blacksmiths and healers.  Dwarven goods can be purchased here but they are expensive, since they are better then most human works of the same kind.

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