Monday, November 18, 2013

Trist the Mage

Trist is a nice guy, around thirty years old, brilliant when it comes to math and engineering, along with magic, but he's sort of absent minded about where he is and what he is doing.  Trist, being a human, is fairly tall, around six foot in height, medium build with cropped, dark hair.  He can't grow a beard to save his life and his blue eyes are filled with creativity and wonder.  He always wants to know how things are put together and work, whether mechanical or magical.  He will spend days trying to figure out how something works, forgetting to eat and sleep in the process.  He spends his days at the Mage Guild in Bloodhelm, teaching mathematics and simple offensive magic.  (They tried to allow him to teach strong offensive magic, since he is very powerful in the arts, but he accidentally a small building at the school when he was teaching one year.)  At night he takes apart or studies items that adventurers or the school have brought him to study.  He is more then willing to look at unusual finds that adventurers come across for free, as long as they give him a good run down at how and where they found the item.

If the party needs a jumping off point for adventure, such as Trist needs someone to do some field research for him, or they need to know about something to find, Trist might be a good NPC to use.

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