Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Tipsoo, Hunter and Guide

Stationed out of Pathfinder, Tipsoo is a likable half elf that loves to see the world.  She gets along with most everyone, loves to go where ever adventurers go to see something new just around the bend.  Standing just over five feet tall, with a full head of red hair and bright green eyes, she breaks down the barriers of even the toughest mercenary.  Everyone loves to talk to her and see what she knows.  She hires out for a reasonable price, as a guide, and knows the good spots to get supplies in Pathfinder before leaving for adventure.  She has a small house in Pathfinder who she leaves in the care of her mother and older brother.  It is hard to find her in town because she loves to be out and about, but when an adventurer does find her she is ready to head out for high adventure as soon as possible.

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