Monday, November 25, 2013

Furball the Dog

Every adventurer, woodsman and pathfinder needs a companion and what better companion then a dog.  Furball is no exception.  A huge, white dog with grey face stripes and  grey socked feet he loves everybody.  Larger then some ponies he carries supplies for his master Thera, a guide near Goldleaf.  He also loves to play chase, retrieve things and be with his person.  But Furball is special dog.  He is smarter then the average dog and some people (roleplaying terms he has an Intellect of 12) and has lived longer then the average dog. (Thera has had him for twenty five years and he was an adult when she found him.)  Thera doesn't know why he is so smart, yet revels in being a dog or where he comes from but she enjoys his company.  He is a good judge of people, ferreting out those who are lying and those who are telling the truth and can sense outsiders and demons easily.

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