Monday, February 3, 2014

Coran the Gate Guard at Weatherworn

Coran is a young man, in love with his young wife, loves his young son and who usually enjoys his job of protecting those coming and going through Weatherworn.  Coran works from sunrise to close to sunset, checking wagons, taking gate fees and ensuring the safety of House Weatherworn.  Most days are routine so Coran likes to dream of adventure and life wandering the hills around Weatherworn looking for ruins and discovering some long lost artifact.  He looks at each person who comes through the gate as the start of some possible adventure.  Though his captain doesn't find his wishful thinking very plausible, it is useful.  Coran gets along with just about anyone who comes through the gates, from caravan guard to little farmer wife so Coran is the one who talks to everyone when he is on shift. 

Coran likes to chat it up with whomever is before him and can usually get the true reason someone is coming to Weatherworn within a few moments. (If you have a persuasion skill or something of the like, Coran has a 75% chance or the equivalent.)  Coran is never mean, even when arresting someone, though he is well versed in his sword and grappling people.

He might flirt with women coming in to Weatherworn but he loves his wife truly and would never betray her.

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