Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Daratorn, Captain of the Pezuta's Luck

Daratorn has always loved the open seas.  His father was a merchant captain and took him everywhere when he was old enough to sail.  He wanted nothing more then to have his own fleet and works hard to reach the goal before him.  Daratorn is six foot tall, trim, with weather worn skin that is darkened by the sun.  His features are rugged, but never really handsome. He is a social man, able to make friends where ever he goes.  He is slow to anger, but able to protect himself with ease.  He loves to hear rumors of far off places and share them with others.  His cost for information is usually a drink and some small talk of other far off places.  He has no woman in his life at the moment, but he's always looking for that one woman who will not be jealous of his ship.  Pezuta's Luck is his flag ship, but he has six other ships in his growing merchant fleet.  He stations out of Weatherworn, but loves to travel to Calabay as well.

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