Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Pezuta's Luck

Pezuta's Luck is a three mast trading vessel, large enough to carry a lot of cargo from the far reaches of Martapa back to civilization.  There are three internal levels to the ship.  The first level holds the cabins, cooking and eating area and a small area to move about when the weather is awful.  The second and third levels are holds for cargo, which Daraton always makes sure are full when they hit the open sea.  The forecastle has a stateroom for Daraton, and holds the special cargo they may carry, such as magic items, special coins or fine fabric from the east.  The figurehead is of a lovely lady about to flip a coin.  The ship and the figurehead are a bit worn, but this ship has been everywhere, trading everything, save slaves and illegal goods, (though Daraton does have a secret storage unit he's smuggled people in).  A group of adventurers are like to see Pezuta's Luck in about any harbor and Daraton is always willing to take passengers if they have good coin and the ship is going their direction.

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