Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Tunnels of Carown Part VIII

After the room with the mosaics and sconces the tunnels branch off into three directions.  The one straight ahead dead ends soon after, a rock slide blocking the way.  There are a few damaged mosaics on the walls, but nothing else.  The tunnel to the left goes for a good three hundred feet and opens up into a room that looks like a barracks roughly hewn from the stone walls.  In places it looks more like a tomb, because the "bunks" are cut into the stone walls.  And on a few "bunks" lay men in armor, some appear to be sleeping peacefully, but others look as if they died painfully.  There are remnants of tables and chairs, rusty armor and swords, but no source of light and nothing living.  There are, however, walking dead. 

When the party enters the room six of the eight dead stand up from their "bunks" and attack the party.  Level them appropriately, but most have a sword and a shield.  One has a pole arm.

The third tunnel from the mosaic room continues on to the right.

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