Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Races of Martapa Part XXIX

Akicitia Society: The Akicitia are a long lived race, living thousands of years, but they only have a cub about every century and they don't always survive to adult hood.  Because they live so long they are considered adults at a much older age, though around the age of two decades they are allowed to be on their own and take part in hunts, they are just aren't allowed to make decisions for their own lives until they reach the century mark.

Of all my races, the Akicitia are the most honorable.  Their word is their bond and they do not lie. It is not heir way to lie and they find the act reprehensible. This small trait causes my Akicitia, Krom, and thus his friends, problems, but makes for fun situations to write about!

Their tribes live in villages much like the natives of Kenya.  And I would picture them in the same kind of surroundings as in Kenya, the open plains with the neat trees and the same kind of animals. The village is ruled by a group of elders who have proven themselves through the centuries as fair, level headed, and good leaders of the hunt.  Families live in large, circular huts made of native material.

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