Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Races of Martapa Part XXXIII

Akicitia Names: Akicitia names are a little tricky.  I do the "Two-Spear" or "Running Bear" so called "Indian" names, but I then translate them into an actual Native American language.  I like the Lakotah and Cherokee languages, but any Native language would work.  And they don't actually have to make complete sense, just sound good.  I have a character that his name is Ten-Spear, but goes by Sgohi (pronounced ss-go-he), which is simply ten in Cherokee.  I have another character named Kalesdi.  The name sounds pretty, (Kah-lee-ss-dee), but actually just means month in Cherokee.  If nothing else, its a good excuse to explore some native languages.

Happy Gaming!

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