Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Races of Martapa Part XXVIII

Akicitia Descriptions: The Akicitia (police in Lakotah, I believe), are the lion men of the plains. They are bipedal and have the body of person and the had of a lion, covered in fur and baring a tail.  The men have thick manes, the women baring a sprout of hair at the base of the neck which they allow to grow long and usually braid.  They stand about six and half feet on average and are good sprinters. Their colors vary from white, to tan, to sandy brown, even black.  Solid colors are most common, though some have stripes like a zebra might, but they are rare.  Mane color is usually a little lighter then the rest of their body, but can be the same color or a different color all together.  They have retractable claws, so an Akicitia is always armed.

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