Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Races of Martapa Part XXXV

Tsula Society: Tsula travel in small herds, one male with several females and their get.  A lot of their culture is similar to horse herds, where males are run off when they reach a certain age. There are bachelor herds and the males only hold herd leadership as long as they are able to fight.  The females usually stay with their herd their whole life unless their herd gets too big and the herd is split.

The Tsula were originally created by Dasa, but she didn't take care of her creations and Targon has taken to watching over them, thus why the are associated with the Clan Warriors. They are nomadic and are vegetarians.  They use the spear well, along with the shortbows.  Swords are used, but harder to use.

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