Monday, August 26, 2013

Matron Maggie

In the city of Goldleaf, Matron Maggie is Queen.  Oh, there is actually a House Leader and his wife, but Maggie runs the hall of the Goldleaf like the High King runs Tridon.  Even the House Leaders and heirs ask how high when she says jump.  Matron Maggie has been part of the household of house Goldleaf for at least four generations and is still going strong.  Some say she is part elf for she doesn't look a day over sixty and gets around better then some young people.  She runs a tight ship, making sure that everything is stocked, that meals are presented on time and linens and clothes are always clean and ready for her lordship and his family.  She does not take kindly to people slacking at their duties and carries a big, wooden spoon to whack people with if they do something stupid.  Despite her dour demeanor, everyone loves her.  Once, when she got sick, the whole castle fell into disarray and the House Leaders fear that they will never be right once she does pass on to the gods.  Despite her age she has thick, dark brown hair, bright brown eyes and is fairly trim, though a little set with age.  She dresses in plain grays and blues, despite the fact the House colors are blue and gold.  She says gold is too bright to sneak up on her charges.

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