Monday, August 12, 2013

The Old Crone of Willowdale

Hunched over, grey haired, wrinkles which abound.  These are the first things you notice about the Old Crone, but it is the wisdom in her eyes which stays with you.  The Old Crone lives alone, though her granddaughter often visits from another, nearby village, but tends to the hurts and aches of those who live in or near Willowdale.  She speaks softly, is kindly to all, but can be hard if need be.  Bandits have tried to take the village on occasion and none have walked away because of the Old Crone's magic.  People of the village adore her and will not allow any harm to come to here.  Though she can't move fast, she gets around to collect her herbs for healing and to see her patients.  The village sees she's fed and has everything she needs since so many times she has meant the difference between life and death for so many of their families.

In truth, the Old Crone, is a disguised elf name Canatha.  She is there to keep track on the outside world for the elven city of Qalataqa.  Her daughter, Cynthia, comes to visit on occasion, so when the Old Crone "dies" they have a well trusted person to slip in as the next elven spy.  Canatha loves her humans and each death is hard on her and each birth is a joy.  She takes the safety of "her" village seriously and will not let anything happen to it or the humans there if she can help it.

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