Monday, January 27, 2014

Celesta the Dragon

Celesta is a platinum dragon, one of Fire Flash and Elemental Storm's children, and she loves the snow and the north.  She also loves a good song.  Thus she became a bard, when in human form, wandering the north singing the songs she loves.  She has a small home outside of Goldleaf, which is taken care of by a family of humans who don't know for sure, but suspect they are simply taking care of the house for a dragon and not some human bard who bequeaths it her daughter, and she bequeaths it to her daughter and so on.  Celesta pays them well so they don't ask many questions, though she would tell them the truth if they asked outright.  She loves this little family who she's known for generations and would frown greatly on anything happening to them.

Celesta doesn't mingle much with her own kind, but tries to return to Varanath once a decade when she and her siblings remember the mother they have never met and check in on their father, if he comes.  She may be willing to travel with a group for a while, but she will never stay for long and would never revel who she truly is unless it her life on the line.

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