Monday, January 6, 2014

Kevin the Ruin Master

From his plush house in Stormvale Kevin dreams of adventure.  He has maps of lost cities, towns, castles, tunnels, and just about everything.  Maps of legend, maps of false leads, maps of ancient places most scholars have not heard of.  He has maps of everything.  He makes a business of copying the maps out for people and sending them on their way to adventure.  Depending on how he is treated depends on how accurate those maps might be.  He never claims the maps are accurate, (because some of them are not) but he may change a thing or two if he feels that his customers aren't treating him kindly.  And he is a mage of some power and has magical traps and other safe guards upon his building so it is harder for adventurers to retaliate if he does them wrong.  Maps cost quite a bit, usually starting at 500 gold.  His business sign is the Ruin Master and he is near the temple of Catiana in Stormvale.

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