Thursday, January 2, 2014

Thane's Sorrow

On Willowstand Lake, on the western edge, is a village called Thane's Sorrow.  As a trade stop and fishing village, this village is soon going to have to be called a town.  There are several inns, general stores, a blacksmith, stables, specialty stores, two trading caravan outposts and a large dock of small fishing boats.  There are some people who farm, but most of those who farm live out of town, now.  Originally, Thane's Sorrow was founded by Joseph Thane and most of his extended family.  The farming was sound, the fishing great, and there were many resources for a fine living.  But Joseph's original reason for coming to the place to be rid of his family, not have them follow.  It was an open joke, and thus Thane's Sorrow stuck.  The village soon to be city pays homage to Sunvale and was quite loyal until the time of Shaniko.  Now, as the High King's Sword comes into play, the village is more about protecting itself then getting along with the Black Wizards.  They don't outright confront them, but are willing to tweak their noses if they can get away with it.  The mayor of Thane's Sorrow is Karl Lightfoot and he tries hard to help those who are fighting against the Black Wizards.  He also is always looking for people to help out the village since they do have the occasional issue with ogres, monstrous wildlife and magic that just can't be explained.

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