Thursday, January 23, 2014

Deephorn Outpost

This outpost, like many other outposts, is for protecting the House from raiders as well as from other Houses.  It has a huge gate with a barracks, a cook house, a stable and small forge.  There is also a small home for Captain Thorn and one for Nyssarea the mage.  A spring is not far off, which turns into a small stream which heads south/southwest.  Those who are not on duty usually go hunting or fishing to supplement supplies sent from Weatherworn.  There are a dozen guards, Captain Thorn, Nyssarea and five support staff.  Usually the outpost leaves travelers alone, but occasionally they do spot checks on people they feel are suspect.  Captain Thorn runs a tight ship, but isn't overbearing.  His men respect him and don't mind the fact they are out in the middle of no where for long periods of time.  People can buy some supplies here, or get some repairs on tack or armor, but they are not a whole sale selling establishment.  And there is no inn, but Captain Thorn does allow travelers to camp in a nearby field for safety's sake.

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