Thursday, August 6, 2015

Alignment in Martapa

Most game systems have an "alignment" system, to say if a character is evil, good or in between.  If you want to do so while playing in the world of Martapa, keep a few things in mind.

1) There are races that are inherently good, (Ancient Elves), and races that are inherently evil, (ogres), but that does not mean they can't harbor individuals that are of a different alignment.  Good ogres and evil ancient elves are not unheard of.  Roleplaying may be difficult and the character may be hated by otherwise good characters or npcs.

2) Best to have characters with Good or Neutral alignments.  While it is possible to play evil in a campaign, it makes it difficult if not everyone in the party is evil.

3) Try to play to your chosen alignment, but don't let it pin you in.  If you are Neutral Good, don't let that box your character in if you think doing something considered evil would be a good character development point, just be prepared for the consequences.  But also remember if you continue to do such things, your alignment should be changed.

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