Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Game Aide Hints for GMs Part 4

Food!  Gaming just wouldn't be gaming without food.  So here are a few ideas.

1) Have chips/nuts/other snacks on hand.  Soda or other drinks are always a good idea.  Maybe you take turns bringing it or maybe there is a money pool to buy it for the group. For those of you who like coffee, having someone bring creamer and you supply the coffee is always a good idea.

2) Potluck!  This is a good thing to try.  Everybody has to bring something and you can try different and new foods.  During my writing group days we would have potlucks and I learned to like a lot of different oriental foods made the traditional way, not Chinese restaurant ways.  Plus, it gives you lots of food to snack on for the four plus hours you may be playing!

3) Order in.  This isn't a good idea every session, but if you are capable, it is fun.  If you live in the sticks, like we do, then this option may not be so available.  When we were in college we'd order the midnight special from Dominos for 5 bucks and everyone would be ready for another few hours of play.  It does break up the play, but sometimes you need a break to gather your thoughts, whether a player or the GM.

Happy Gaming!

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