Thursday, August 13, 2015

Game Aids HInts for GMs Part 1

We've talked in the past about aids some one could use as a GM to help enhance the gaming experience. Let's start with music.

Music can really set the tone for a battle or an intimate meeting.  Why do you think video games spend so much money on having actual orchestras to play their music?  So here are some of my suggestions:

1) For battles, if they are big and epic, or even small ones.  I recommend music from Lord of the Rings, many video games, or other fantasy genre movies.  A lot of classical music is awesome for this as well, (In the Halls of the Mountain King, comes to mind). You can put them on loop for a long battle or pick a huge selection to make sure you have enough.  (We've had a single battle last 5 hours, so be prepared.)

2) For a certain area the party comes upon.  Wouldn't some creepy music for an old tomb be mood setting? Or light, airy music when they come upon a grand old forest housing the ruins of a fabled city?

3) Theme music.  I've mentioned this before, but having a "theme song" for each character is actually a fun idea.  Play it softly in the back ground while they are doing something awesome or character developing!

I know this puts more pressure on the GM, but your players will love the effort!

Next: Physical Aids

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