Tuesday, August 25, 2015

When Gaming Becomes a Chore Part 2

A quick, easy fix to getting a roleplaying fix in a busy life is to cheat a bit and get a pre-generated adventure.  I know, I know.  I hear the groans from here.  A lot of those pre-generated adventures are awful.  I totally agree.  We refused to use them when we were in college and had tons of time on our hands, (granted we didn't know we had tons of time on our hands at the time...), to work on adventures.  But as time is so valuable, now, they look a lot more viable.  And the pre-generated adventures are a lot better put together, now.  I believe this is because people are willing to spend more money on good adventures and game makers are listening more to their customers to see what works.

Here's an example of what I mean.  My husband is running Rise of the Runelords by Paizo in the Pathfinder system and it is awesome.  Even NPC's that are in there for like a blink of the eye are given great backgrounds and reasons to be where they are.  If you really are into the roleplaying aspect, it's great.  And descriptions and flavor text are awesome.  I haven't got to look at a lot of it, since I'm not the GM, but what we've adventured through has been well done.  The best part is, my husband just has to read the adventure, tweak it a bit to fit our level (since we didn't start out at the start level), and make sure he is ready for any curve we might throw his way.  My daughter is playing a dwarf paladin and she wanted a mount.  There happens to be a lovely war horse, (mistreated, but still alive) in the goblin lair.  So my husband just made sure she was the one who got in there first to talk the horse out of the enclosure it was trapped in.  Instant Paladin mount!

All the XP awards and treasure are all there, (though a good GM makes sure there is treasure appropriate for his player characters), so there is very little work on the GM's part.

More on making things easier tomorrow!
Happy Gaming!

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